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“Written by a Malay in Malaysia”

This article has been going around the WhatsApp. I dont know who wrote it. It is a quick read. 

“Written by a Malay in Malaysia”

I am not sure which is more dangerous: Religious toxicity or Covid-19. The former corrupts the mind, while the latter kills. Frankly, I am not sure which one is worse. As an old-school Malaysian, I see the former is more harmful to the country, in particular to the Malay/Muslim society.

I have said before, at least in the Malaysian context, this creeping Talibanisation is seriously damaging the country. It is a cancer in our society. 

In Tahfiz school and beyond, children are brainwashed to believe in a 7th century doctrine. These young inquisitive minds are shackled for no one is allowed to question.

Even at preschool, innocent young girls are wrapped with tudungs and the boys in skull-caps. I fear for these children. What hope do they have for survival in the 21st Century? What are their parents thinking? 

I can’t see what will their contribution be to the world, apart from breeding. Or worse, become tablighis – we still don’t know the full impact of the Sri Petaling herd.

(OSTB : Sri Petaling herd?? Ha ha)

My own staff in the office demand for a ‘musollah’ space and ‘solat’ break. Frankly I would mind less if they use proper vernacular words like surau and sembahyang, like in the old days, but noooo, they have to be more Arabic! 

Assalamualaikum is now the default greeting, whether by ministers, officials or tv presenters when they are addressing the public. Or when friends meet. Whatever happened to Selamat Pagi or apa khabar, or the more informal apa macam? 

My nieces are forced to wear tudung, lest they will be subject to taunt and jeer. Some of my peers spend so much time in mosques nowadays instead of being more productive in this real life, here and now. 

But I don’t care how they spend their time – just please don’t usurp my time by sending me those vacuous religious sms. And is it really necessary to crank up the volume of mosque loudspeakers, or to go on and on even after azan? Why do these people feel so entitled?

But is it the people who are to blame? They are just recipients for the incessant drilling/ brainwashing / inculcation by politicians, leaders, ulamas and self-made zakir naiks whose dictum cannot be questioned. 

J…m as an untouchable body is the perfect instrument to dumb down the majority of the Malays into controllable herds. Just think that over RM 1.0 billion (out of all tax-payers’ money) is allocated for J…m – a parasitic body that has zero contribution to our economy. 

This is a total waste of Rakyat’s money. Shouldn’t this money be better used for every Malaysian affected by Covid, including Pasar Ramadhan folks? 

Sadly, today I learnt that RM 21 million is allocated to prop 22,920 teachers in Tahfiz schools (https://www.malaysiakini.com/news/518416). Even more shocking to me, I learnt that they have 2,119 tahfiz schools! For what purpose exactly?

Now we have the Doraemon Phenomenon: This is the flip side of the Malay coin. So, on the one side you have the religious inculcation and the other is its consequence: utter mediocrity. 

The dumbing of the mind permeates all levels and manifests itself from top down. Just listen to the two from Women and Family Affairs Ministry. One demands syariah-compliant uniform for stewardesses (now jobless) while her boss recommends house-wives to giggle like Doraemon.

I am ashamed.

This Covid-19 has fully exposed the real crisis in our country.

My comments :

The Malays (like any other Muslim people around the world) cannot criticise their religious leaders. If they do they will be accused of insulting Islam, attacking islam etc. When I say ‘accused’ I mean really accused in the Courts of Law. In Pakistan, Sudan, Egypt, Malaysia if you say something that goes against the orthodoxy then you can be sent to jail – according to the laws. 

Lets say you are a student doing your PhD in religious studies. You want to write your thesis praising the Shia religion (like what is done by many Shia students in Shia countries like Iran or Iraq.)  In Malaysia you can be sent to jail. 

So this makes religious scholarship very easy. You just ask your teachers ‘What can I write about?’ You are not allowed to think freely and just say whatever you feel like saying about the religion. You must follow the boundaries and the parameters. You step outside the boundary and you can go to jail.

On the other hand if you steal a hundred million Ringgit of taxpayers funds, you can be out on bail and even attend Parliament. 

So it is a very different way of thinking. Why or how can this type of thinking still exist? Because this is what the society has become. This is what the people have become.

The society just does not care. Those Buy Muslim First banners are still being hung up. 

Imagine someone putting up ‘Buy Non Muslim First’ banners. There will be hell to pay.

But ‘Buy Muslim First’? Oh its ok.

They need a congress to discuss what is maruah. 

Atok suggests it is ok to kill French people for what the French did in the past.

This type of jahiliyah will keep them not relevant.

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