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Wisma Putra Take Note : No Official Confirmation So China, Russia, Mexico, Turkey, Brazil Refuse To Acknowledge Biden

The fact is there is no official confirmation by any relevant  ‘authority’  in the USA that Joe Biden has won the presidential elections.  The “confirmation” thus far has been by the pro Biden news media in the US.

So a few countries including China, Russia, Mexico, Turkey and Brazil (?) have refused to acknowledge that the results of the American presidential election is conclusive. Here is some  news :

  • According to Kremlin Putin waiting for official results
  • 2 days ago projections from media announced Biden winner 
  • many leaders are playing it safe
  • Putin waiting for official results to be released in Jan 2021
  • before moving forward with congratulating either side
  • We consider it correct to wait for official results to be finalised
  • 2020 election peculiar owing to legal options Trump taking against results
  • Trump also refused to concede

And here is China also refusing to acknowledge Biden :

  • China said US election would be decided by its ‘laws and procedures’
  • China on Mon refused to congratulate Joe Biden 
  • saying outcome still needs to be decided 
  • ‘in accordance with US laws and procedures’ foreign ministry 
  • China’s position consistent and clear
  • China, Russia, Mexico not recognised Biden as president-elect 

Here are snips from AFP (Agense France Presse) on this matter :

  • Trump said will prove in court he was winner
  • “simple fact is this election is far from over” Trump said 
  • “Legal votes decide who is president, not news media”
  • Trump will take to court Monday 
  • “ensure election laws fully upheld, rightful winner is seated”
  • expected recounts in states where Biden only few thousand votes ahead
  • Pennsylvania fraud, thousands late mail-in ballots illegally counted
  • Networks don’t decide elections. Courts do
  • Courts set aside elections when they are illegal Rudy Giuliani declared 
  • Trump is right: election not over until each state formally certifies vote
  • which will take place over coming weeks
  • There is precedent for turn to courts
  • In 2000  Bush / Gore outcome in Florida – Bush led with just 500 votes 
  • two sides fought in Supreme Court over state-wide recount
  • high court handed election to Bush
  • Trump deficit less than 40,000 votes in Pennsylvania
  • down by thousands of votes in Nevada, Georgia, Arizona, Wisconsin
  • Recounts expected in Wisconsin, Georgia, other states
  • to overturn Penn decision to accept mailed ballots 3 days after Election Day
  • Giuliani said Philadelphia had dead people submitting ballots
  • certainly evidence to disqualify certain number of ballots
  • “And that could affect the election”
  • AFP

My comments :  China, Russia, Mexico, Turkey and Brazil are not ignorant or naieve countries. They should know what they are saying.

And it is true that the new President is only finalised when he is sworn in by the  Chief Justice of the US Supreme Court on January 21, 2021. 

I did send a WhatsApp message to Wisma Putra about this. Malaysia and Singapore have decided to recognise Biden-Harris based on  calls by the US news media. 

What happens if the US Courts decide in Trump’s favour by 21st January 2021? 

Do we send an “Oops !”

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