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Why Not Tukar Nama Saja Kepada ‘ Malaysian Corrupted Service’

It is a credit to the MACC that the number of arrests for corruption has increased by over 25% (??) this year? Syabas to the MACC and to the government.

The conviction and jailing of that Ketua Pengarah Imigresen fellow above is a lesson that better be noted carefully by the entire Malaysian Civil Service. This fellow took the corrupt moneys in 2008. That was 12 long years ago. After 12 years he is now being sent to jail for SIX long years. The fellow is 59 years old now. In SIX years he will be 65 years old. 

To all the Malaysian Civil Service – just bear this in mind – you think you can get away with corruption, with stealing, with abuse of power etc. But suddenly the government can change. Suddenly there is a new Prime Minister. Then they start digging up all those cases that were left undone. It may take 5 years, 10 years, 15 years. Suddenly just when your grandchildren are being born, you end up going to jail. 

The instant you accepted the bribe, the minute you took the money – then that crime CANNOT be erased. TAK BOLEH PADAM. TUNGGU MAMPUS SAJA. 

You think you can hide – even in London, Australia or wherever. But one day your past crimes will catch up with you.  

My late father completed his Civil Service career in the early 1980s as the Pengarah of INTAN in Penang. My late father used to teach about the administrative aspects of working in the Malaysian Civil Service. 

I suggest a new teaching module for the Malayan Civil Service and the PTD officers which can be taught by INTAN. 

The new teaching module should teach case studies of corruption by Civil Servants who thought they had gotten away with corruption but were eventually caught and sent to jail many, many years after they committed the crime.  This is to put the fear in all future Civil Servants that if they think they can get away with corruption – then they are wrong. 

You may get away today but one day in the future, when you are playing with your grandchildren  there will be a knock on the door :   “Dato, kami dari SPRM. Kami ada waran untuk tangkap Dato atas tuduhan rasuah ..”

So ingat baik-baik ya.

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