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Why Is The Opposition So Quiet Over The Budget?

I am referring to the post-Budget reactions here. Did you notice the “lack” of critical comment by the ‘Opposition’?  Instead it is the people who seem to be reacting. That one Indian fellow has made an angry video about Indians being left out in the Budget – again. There is that guy making YouTube videos while driving around in his car. 

But the Opposition has gone substantially quiet. 

This Budget was also the first time the Finance Minister had to release a clarification (in quite some detail) within 24 hours of tabling the Budget that the allocations for public hospitals was not really being cut. There was some long winded ‘devil in the details’ type explanations about how they actually, really allocate funding in the Ministry of Health. 

If that was the case, why not say so point blank in the Budget itself? 

That RM85 million (not RM81 million?) for JASA still does not sit well with the people. Now the talk is JASA only has 52 staff? So 52 people are going to play around with RM85 million? 52, 520 or whatever that is RM85 million that is going to be quite wasted. 

UMNO cyber troopers are low IQ. That is the problem. They lost the plot before 2008. Then in 2013 (the General Elections) they went further into the swamp. In 2018 their incompetence lost them the pole position. Now the UMNO cyber troopers are surviving on scraps and fighting for funds. So it is time to stoop even lower.

Coming back to the Opposition, recall the Opposition leaders had a pre-Budget meeting with the Minister of Finance where they delivered a “plethora” of suggestions? Of which they only made known to the public SIX of this ‘plethora of suggestions’.  

What are the remaining “plethora” of suggestions? Whatever they were, I believe it has something to do with the Opposition going quiet. I think the Budget will pass muster in Parliament easily.

So there is no more political crisis in the country. That is where this walkabout is headed.  Once the Budget is approved by Parliament (soon I think) then the non-existent political crisis will become non existent.

The old men charging at windmills better find other more useful things to do.

That means the people – that is you and me – will have to go on with the struggle of living.  

Do not worry too much folks. There is always hope.

A recent survey shows that the Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin has 53% support from the people.

People have become tired of Dr Mahathir’s incoherent rants and Mr Backdoor’s road side gigs.  

We still have a very important component of a good future – general peace and harmony.  This we have to safeguard at all costs. 

And so far I see the Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin as not a combative or belligerent person. No harsh words, no combative stance, no overly this religion or that race. 

And given time this character of a leader should and will seep through the government.  I hope.

There needs to be some focus on the economy. In Malaysia this is actually the easiest part. The Malaysian economy is the easiest economy in the world to fix.

If you are in Singapore it is tough to fix the economy because they are already operating at the cutting edge. Same thing with the USA, Hong Kong, Europe etc.

But not Malaysia. It is so easy to fix the Malaysian economy because all you have to do is remove and undo all the WRONGS that have been put into the system. 

Just remove all the WRONG POLICIES of the past 50 years and let the country take off. 

More later.

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