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When You Become Incoherent

OSTB :  When you become incoherent even the Press does not know what you are trying to say. So the Press begins to estimate, speculate, decipher, decrypt, make a guess about what you are trying to say.  Then when the public reads what the Press thinks you are trying to say (but not actually what you are saying) the public also becomes confused on what exactly you are trying to say.  So at the end of the day no one knows what you are trying to say. And that is how people lose their interest in what you have to say. You become not relevant. You lose the voters, you lose power, you lose your influence over the people. You lose everything.

Here are three different news reports (today) about the same news item – Dr Mahathir saying I-dont-know-what about the Budget.  Read and see for yourselves.

1. First up is Borneo Post :

“I, and my party ((Pejuang), reserve our support for the 2021 Budget by the Perikatan Nasional (PN) government,” he said when debating the bill in the Dewan Rakyat today.

OSTB :  Pejuang ini ada lagi kah? From FIVE MPs now they are down to FOUR. That one shorty fellow has been kicked out after he tried to ‘main belakang’ by signing that SD supporting that ‘main belakang’ fellow. 

Anyway Borneo Post quotes Dr M saying he “reserve our support for the 2021 Budget“. So what does this mean exactly? Is it yes or no? Or is it ‘conditional’? What are your conditions? Top secret? Cannot be made known to the public. Why not? If it is in the public interest, why not just make it known? What is so top secret? But no one knows. The Press does not know. The public does not know. But it must be in the public interest. Or is it? We dont know.

2. Here is Malaysia Now’s interpretation of the same news :

“All of us want this budget to be passed, otherwise the prime minister will usually resign. This will spark another political crisis. The backdoor government will be replaced with a rooftop government that is also not stable,” the Langkawi MP said.

OSTB :  Huh? So what does this mean? So Dr M will support the Budget – or not ? Because he does not want a rooftop government?  Dr M has forgotten he has been consistently getting his behind kicked. Pakatan Harapan lost by over 15,000 shocking votes in Tg Piai. Now the PH has lost Sabah. (Although Shafie Apdal is a good man.) Maybe if Dr M had been more coherent the PH would still be in power. 

But no one seems to understand what Dr M is trying to say. Malaysia Now says Dr M does not want a rooftop government. Ok. So do you support the Budget or no? That is still a mystery to the public.

3.  Now here is Sinar Harian about the same news : 

KUALA LUMPUR – Blok bebas bersedia memberi sokongan kepada Belanjawan 2021 secara bersyarat, kata Ahli Parlimen Langkawi, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

“Saya tidak sebut syarat-syarat tertentu tapi saya hendak dengar cadangan-cadangan” katanya dalam sidang akhbar di Parlimen di sini hari ini.

Mengulas lanjut, Dr Mahathir berkata, pada masa ini pihaknya masih belum membuat ketetapan secara rasmi sama ada ingin menyokong belanjawan berjumlah RM322.5 bilion itu atau sebaliknya.

OSTB :  Pula. 

“saya tidak sebut syarat, masih belum membuat ketetapan,   ingin menyokong,  atau sebaliknya.”

Oh ye ke? Belum tentu lagi. Nak main guli atau nak beli tepung, nak pakai kasut hitam atau nak cabut uban. 

We just dont know. Its  either this or that, maybe yes, maybe no.

Three different newspapers say substantially different things about the same statements made by Dr Mahathir. Meaning no one can understand what Dr M is trying to say.  

I am assuming all this wishy washy to and fro is still in the public interest? That is where it should all begin and end isnt it – the public interest?

Or maybe I am being incoherent now.  

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