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Was Old Town White Coffee A Victim Of Racist Bias?

Here is another case :

KL : OldTown White Coffee considering legal action against false allegation 

stressed that allegation is untrue.

all OldTown White Coffee have Malaysian Halal Certification since 2010

halal certification not something to be taken lightly

We ensured all ingredients do not contain non-halal items

Consumer Ministry inspected outlet and concluded allegation baseless

My comments : Old Town should take legal action against these malicious people.

This crap began in the 1990s when the Internet appeared. Just lazy people with more time to waste realised that they could feel important by floating these ‘fake halal’ news on the Net.

I recall people used to make up long lists of products and say that they contained this food colouring or that preservative that had ABC123XYZ in it which was not halal or some crap like that.

Predictably the authorities at that time did not take much effort to clamp down on such mischief. Until someone else got another idea and started circulating even longer lists of products that they alleged had non halal ingredients. I recall one fake list even had plain water as not halal because of some bullshit. Then the authorities came out saying dont distribute these fake lists because they are well, fake.

At one time there was also a string of fake accusations against the Mamak restaurants. All sorts of strange things were said like the mamaks were putting illegal drugs into the food to increase their sales (what,  to drug addicts?)

I saw that video about Old Town White Coffee. Screenshots of the meat appeared like  chicken wings or chicken something. 

I hope Old Town really goes after ALL those involved in spreading these rumours and take them to Court. We need to put a stop to this. 

If someone is not following the halal certification then report it to the Ministry of Consumer Affairs, the Police, the religious authorities or whoever is in charge. Follow the law. Dont be creating mischief against people who work hard and provide useful products and services for the people. 

Maybe the government should start a campaign to teach people to obey the law and not try to take the law into their own hands.  Dato, here is an opportunity to make a few million Ringgit.  ‘Kempen Menghormati Undang-Undang’.   

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