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US Presidential Polls Begin In A Few Hours

The day a lot of people around the world have been waiting for is here. Tuesday November 3rd 2020. Washington DC is 13 hours behind us so it will be a few more hours before voting begins in the USA. The polls by the largely anti Trump media show Joseph Biden leading in popularity. At the ground level the support for Trump is sizeable. 

The Corona Virus is a drag all around the world. And the US has been the worse hit country  with 9.5 million cases and over 230,000 deaths so far. America is also the country with the highest numbers for testing (over 45% per million people) and therefore more positives are identified early.  Todate there are 3 million active cases of which critical cases number 17,000.  

While the Leftist media has been pointing fingers at Donald Trump the pandemic has highlighted that the USA is a federation of independent States where the governors have significant autonomy to rule over their States. The American President is quite powerless to tell the States how exactly to handle the corona pandemic. 

Donald Trump has authorised Project Warp Speed – to super fast track the development of corona virus vaccines. Just like in China and Europe, the vaccine development by various American drug companies is quite advanced.

Other than that there have been many positives for the American people under the Trump administration. Economic growth has been strong and job creation has surged. Over 7 million new jobs were created in the four years that have gone by. Taxes have been cut for individuals and corporations which has brought home many American factories from overseas. 

The past four years have also seen no new conflicts where American troops are involved. In a second term, Donald Trump will complete the dis-engagement of US forces in ‘never ending wars’ and as a consequence reduce military spending as well.

The Catholic Church in the US is rooting for Donald Trump. 25% of Americans (81 million) are Catholic. 

Let the voting begin.

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