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TUURK – Tuan-Tuan Orang Melayu Mesti Baca


This post revolves around the recently concluded 2nd Nagorno Karabakh War but it is really about the Turkish people and Central Asia. 

The Turkish people call themselves Tuurk.

The very recent video here shows Turkish Special Forces rehearsing a Victory March in Baku in Azerbaijan. About 3,000 Turkish troops participated in the victory celebrations alone after the Azerbaijani military decisively defeated Armenia in a short war over the Nagorno-Karabakh region. (I will explain shortly.)




4. If you are wondering why the Turks are marching in Azerbaijan  well obviously because Turkish troops played a very major role in assisting Azerbaijan defeat Armenia.  

You may also be wondering why Sunni Turkey (which helped create the Salafi ISIS which kills Shias) is helping Shia majority Azerbaijan. Do read on.

3. Well so did Israel. So Turkey and Israel were helping the same side. As the stomach churns.

2. Shia Iran stayed quiet although it shares a common border with 85% Shia majority Azerbaijan.  Why didnt Shia majority Iran help Shia majority Azerbaijan fight a war against Christian Armenia?

1. Russia also stayed out of the fight between Shia Azerbaijan and Armenia (which is a Christian country). In the 1st Nagorno-Karabakh War that took place over 1990 – 1994 (after the collapse of the Soviet Union) between Armenia and Azerbaijan, the Russians sided with Armenia who won the war then.   

This time around the Russians actually helped Azerbaijan (they sold weapons to Azerbaijan) and so Azerbaijan won the war.  Why so? 
Both Armenia and Azerbaijan were part of the old USSR or Soviet Union. Here are two maps of the area which show today’s Armenia, Azerbaijan, Nagorno-Karabakh, Georgia, Turkey, Russia and Iran.  
This area is highly populated with bears and wolves – of the two legged variety. 



The capital of Armenia is Yerevan while the capital of Azerbaijan is Baku.   One more city not named in the map above is Tabriz – just across the border inside Iran which is actually the cultural and intellectual capital of the Azerbaijani people (also known as Azeris)
Here is some trivia. One of the greatest heroes of the Soviet Union was an engineer called Artem Mikoyan who was an Armenian. Mikoyan was the designer of the famous MIG jet fighters. 
Artem Mikoyan designed the first MIG 1 airplane, MIG 3, the superduper MIG-15 jet (used during the Korean War), then the MIG 17, MIG 19, the legendary MIG 21, MIG 23 and 25.
During his lifetime Mikoyan was awarded the highest ranked Hero of Socialist Labour (TWICE), the Order of Lenin (SIX TIMES !!), Order of the Red Banner, Order of the Patriotic War 1st Class, Order of the Red Star (TWICE), Lenin Prize, USSR State Prize (SIX times) and was inducted into the International Air & Space Hall of Fame, San Diego (USA). 
In our beautiful Penang there is an Armenian Street.


The Two Nagorno – Karabakh Wars (so far, there will be more).

Armenia has a population of about three million. Azerbaijan has a population of over 10 million people.

Both countries were part of the USSR or Soviet Union. After the collapse of the USSR beginning 1989 both Armenia and Azerbaijan became independent. Thats when the fighting started. 

Between 1990-1994  the Armenians and Azeris fought the first war over Nagorno Karabakh. This is because of intense racial and religious hatred for each other which goes back centuries.  Pogroms, street killings, massacres are common. Meaning they can be an extremely stupid people. (I believe the street killings, pogroms and massacres in the ‘again newly liberated’ Nagorno Karabakh will start again – despite a truce and treaty).

Armenia won that first war in 1990 – 1994 and control over Nagorno Karabakh plus – with the help of Russia. Now 30 years later in 2020 Azerbaijan has won Round Two and control over Nagorno Karanakh plus – with Russia “switching sides”. 

Believe me folks there will be a Third Nagorno Karabakh War.  Maybe before 2050. Not only do these people hate each other intensely but there is a Great Game going on.

The map of their countries is complicated. You can see Azerbaijan is split into two parts with Armenia running in between. Then Nagorno Karabakh is a tiny region stuck inside the Azerbaijan side but it still has a majority 75% Armenian population. That is the problem.  The territory is right next (now inside) Azerbaijan but the majority people (75%) are Armenians.

And what is the total population of this Nagorno Karabakh region? About 300,000 people. Smaller than Seremban. Smaller than Seputeh in Kuala Lumpur. And they cannot manage their hatreds. 

1.  Russia

As Russia is the patron of a sort of commonwealth of the former states in the USSR, they keep close tabs on what goes on in Armenia, Azerbaijan and the other former Soviet republics. 

Vladimir Putin does not like the present Prime Minister of Armenia Nikolai Pashinyan who led a peaceful revolution in 2018 that saw the collapse of the government at that time.  Pashinyan is a western style democrat, reformist and free marketeer. Hence Putin did not assist Armenia in the war with Azerbaijan. It was a slap in the face for Pashinyan. Instead Russia has supplied weapons to Azerbaijan, but this is old news. 

N’theless Russia negotiated the end of hostilities and Russian troops are now on the ground as peacekeepers in Nagorno Karabakh.  So the majority Armenian population is in place and Russian troops are in place.  I think there will be another war.

2.  Iran

Iran has a population of 84 million, of which about 25% (or 21 million people) are the same Azeris (Azerbaijani). There are TWICE more Azeris living inside Iran than in Azerbaijan itself.  The 21 million Azerbaijani people form the majority in the entire northwest of Iran (West Azerbaijan, East Azerbaijan and Ardabil). The city of Tabriz alone in northwest Iran is home to over 1.8 million Azeris. 

I had a very close Iranian friend who said that in Iran the Azeri people are generally ‘looked down upon’ by other Iranians.  Again this is a racial thing. The Azeris are not Persians. They are a Turkish people. They speak a Turkish dialect which can still be understood by other Turks.  

And Iran has formally protested against the usage of the name ‘Azerbaijan’ because the Iranians fear (very correctly too) that the presence of a Turkish ‘Azerbaijan’ beside their own Turkish speaking Azerbaijani regions (with 21 milion Azeris) may one day cause them to lose their entire northwest region.  So Status : Its Complicated. 

Which is why Shia Iran did not help Shia Azerbaijan in the war against Christian Armenia.

You can see now why Erdogan and Turkey are helping Azerbaijan. Although Turkey is Sunni and the Azeris are Shia, the Turks and Azerbaijanis share a common language and ancestry. So blood is thicker than water.  

3.  Israel

Israel’s Number 1 enemy is now Iran.  So Israel is exploiting the cultural and racial dislikes between the Turkish speaking Azerbaijanis and the Persian Iranians to their advantage.  

There has long been talk about a secret Israeli airforce base located inside Azerbaijan – to assist Israel in case they decide to bomb Iran.  And Israel and Azerbaijan cooperate closely in sharing intelligence and watching Islamic extremists and militants who are found in large numbers in Eurasia and Central Asia.

Of course Azerbaijan is playing a dangerous game in supporting Israel so closely. Perhaps they are not afraid of any retaliation by Iran because of those 21 million Turkish speaking Azeris living inside Iran.  

In exchange, Israel has to help  guarantee the security of Azerbaijan.  Hence Israel supplied Azerbaijan with its Harop drones (aka Harpy kamikaze drones) and other weapons which played a crucial part in knocking out Armenian tanks and armoured vehicles in the just concluded war.

Status : Its complicated. 

4. Turkey 

Turkey is the center of the Turkish “civilisation”. Like Iran, Turkey also has a population of about 84 million people, plus minus.  20% – 25% of this 84 million population (up to 21 million) are Kurdish people. The Turks and the Kurds do not like each other very much.

So while 25% of Iran is Turkish speaking Azerbaijani,   20% of Turkey is Kurdish. They all dont like each other.

Thanks to Erdogan’s incompetence, Turkey is now in great economic difficulty.

Five years ago ONE Turkish Lira was worth almost RM1.50. Today ONE Lira is worth 53 sen only !! Considering that our Ringgit went down so much, the Turks have done worse than us. Anyone wants to go shopping in Turkey?



So to divert attention away from his obvious economic failure Erdogan is playing the Great Ottoman Caliph.  Fighting the Kurds inside Iraq, invading Syria, sending Turkish soldiers to fight inside Libya and now fighting in the Nagorno-Karabakh War. All these territories were part of the old Ottoman Empire.  Erdogan is whipping up Turkish nationalism and patriotism   to make the Turkish people forget that their economy is in deep shit. 

Erdogan also tried to position Turkey to again become the leader of the Islamic world. The Great Ottoman Caliph and the new ‘Pan Islamism’. But other than fully convincing Imran Khan of Pakistan and perhaps another cranky ‘Islamic’ ex-leader Erdogan has failed in this regard. 

Because Saudi Arabia is trying to be the leader of the Islamic world. Or at least of the Arab world.  And Saudi Arabia in turn is being closely challenged by Abu Dhabi. One day there is going to be a serious split and even conflict between Saudi arabia and Abu Dhabi. 

But the grand daddy of the Arab world will always be Egypt. With its 100 million population and a civilisation going back 5000 years Egypt does not need to challenge anyone to show their presence and influence in the Arab world.  Plus Egypt has a sizeable military and an intelligence service with its fingers in every Arab country.   

So Erdogan’s idea of a new ‘Pan Islamism’ with himself playing the role of the Grand Ottoman Caliph is not working out.

There is one more option – Turkish nationalism. 

Thanks to the nomadic origins of the Turkish people (originally from China) and the vast reach of the old Ottoman Empire there are actually about 175-200 million Turkic speaking people spread around Eurasia and Central Asia. 

There is even a country called Turkmenistan. Other Turkic speaking countries include Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and the Uyghur people in Xinjiang.

Major Turkic population centers include :

  • Turkey 57,500,000–61,500,000
  • Uzbekistan 25,200,000 
  • Iran 15,000,000-20,000,000 
  • Russia 12,751,502 
  • Kazakhstan 12,300,000 
  • China 11,647,000 
  • Azerbaijan 10,000,000 
  • Turkmenistan 4,500,000 
  • Kyrgyzstan 4,500,000 
  • Afghanistan 3,500,000 
  • Iraq 3,000,000 
  • Tajikistan 1,200,000 
  • Bulgaria 588,318 
  • Ukraine 398,600 
  • Northern Cyprus 313,626 
  • Mongolia 202,086 
  • Moldova 126,010
  • North Macedonia 81,900 

Hence pro ISIS, Sunni Erdogan’s overlooking Azerbaijan’s Shia majority and calling upon Turkish nationalism can whip up pro-Erdogan patriotism NOT INSIDE AZERBAIJAN but inside Turkey.  Its all just a game to ensure his own survival INSIDE TURKEY.

I dont think the Uyghurs in Xinjiang, the Tajiks in Afghanistan or the Turkmen in Turkmenistan give two hoots if Erdogan is Caliph of Turkey or not. 

So what should we do? This is where I need to speak in Malay. 

Apa yang harus kita buat – sebagai sebuah negara Islam.

Kita jangan buat apa-apa pun. Kita jangan masuk campur. 

All this bullshit is none of our business. 

Daripada dulu sampai sekarang dan entah sampai bila lagi puak-puak kabilah, puak-puak padang pasir, puak-puak pengembara (nomads) padang pasir dan tanah steppe di Asia Tengah ini telah berperang, berbunuh dan bergaduh sesama sendiri. Memang sudah menjadi darah daging mereka. 

Jadi kita tidak perlu memihak kepada sesiapa pun atau kutip derma Tabung Jihad Azerbaijan, Tabung Jihad Turkey, Tabung Jihad Erdogan dsbnya. 

Jangan pula kita jadi bodoh dan tertipu oleh sesiapa pun dan begitu juga jangan cuba tipu siapa pun. 

Jangan pula tuan-tuan memihak kepada puak ini atau menyokong puak itu. Dan seterusnya menyebabkan sengketa dan perselisihan sesama kita pula. Bodoh.

We have our own problems to resolve. 

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