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The Derhaka Of The Lebai

I received the following via Whatsapp:

These so called leaders do not have the necessary educational credentials, wisdom, or patience. 

Most have been raised in a mono ethnic enviroment from kindergarten until they take up ministerial posts. They show no racial or religious tolerance and have no second thoughts about asking people to balik tongsan if they are not happy. 

When caught with their pants down due to their deficiencies they immediately stir trouble by spewing aggressive rhetoric. Others are not matured enough despite their age to deal with the responsibilities of power and are ‘besar kepala’. 

Many are easily swayed by money and forget their responsibilities to the people who elected them. It is very disheartening not only individually but also for the health of the economy overall.

Now many are beginning to defy the Malay Rulers. Thinking they have the support of the people they derhaka openly like in Perak and have disturbing links like with the likes of the kambing janggut from India

Now becoming more brazen like what happened in Perak. Openly derhaka.

My comments :

We thank Allah that not everyone in this country is like this or ever will be like this. There are millions of people in Malaysia who wake up in the morning, turn on their common sense and go through their day using their common sense. Plus their education, their proper upbringing, their good social and cultural values which makes them useful and productive members of our society.

That is why our country still functions quite ok – to an extent. You can still go through a day getting all the things that you need to get done in a day in your life.

But not the people being talked about in that short gripe above. They contribute almost nothing to the country except create useless hatred and non productive occupation of space. 

If an alien space ship appeared out of the sky tonite and sucked them all up no one will miss them. The rivers will still flow. In fact the earth may become a better place without them.

What happened in Perak was unprecedented. I believe it is the first time ever that anyone had told HRH the Sultan ‘Nope we are not coming for tea with you‘.

By their cut of the cloth nothing else matters except the fairy tales that they believe in. Everything else can be dismissed. There is no respect for the laws of the land and the contract that we have agreed upon which has worked well for our country.

That is what it boils down to – no respect for what has been agreed upon. Agreed upon in writing, in black and white, signed and sealed on paper.  Like it or not, regard is due to the Malay Rulers. 

But this is what we have built up over the years. At last people are beginning to realise that ‘Malaysia does not have an ideology’.  So what are we?

We do not need any ideology. There is no need for ideologies. The only ideology is we must be productive and we must be useful to our neighbours. That is all. If you throw garbage around you have lost it. If you cannot hold open a swing door for the next person behind you, you have lost it. 

If you rape women (what exactly is cabul?) who have placed their trust in you as a religious person and you can still find sympathy among people of your cloth – you have all lost it.

But we thank Allah that not everyone rapes women who trusted them to be religious people. We thank Allah that not everyone throws garbage around their neighborhood or does not hold open the swing door for the next person behind them.  There are tons of people who seem better civilised. So our country still functions.

But we have created the monsters. For the past 50 years we have been creating monsters. We have to uncreate the same monsters. We cannot wait 50 years. Because if they are not elevated into civilisation asap then in 50 years the monsters will be sleeping in the streets and raping women at will. 

There will be no tea.  

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