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So The BN Will Not Support The Budget Unless … (and other) Things That Are Too Stupid To Comment About

Lately I have not been saying too much about the local scene, especially the politicians and the effluvia they put out. They are just too stupid for me to comment. 

Yesterday Super Moron was quoted as saying that the BN MPs will not vote for the Budget unless two conditions are met. One was a one time payment of RM10,000 from the EPF to all its contributors.  The other was to extend the bank loan moratorium for another six months.

This bullshit is nothing more than the politics of “dishing out” again.  Especially since it is dishing out public funds or letting the public carry the burden. Other peoples’ money and other peoples’ burdens. And damn the consequences.

These two conditions clearly came as a threat – if the government does not agree they will not vote for the Budget.

Well first of all I was waiting to hear what the other BN MPs – who are supposedly on the Moron’s side will say – especially his cousin H2O who leads a sizeable faction in UMNO / BN and I believe is now getting more influential.  

So far no one has echoed Super Moron’s idea. Nor endorsed his “I will not support the Budget unless” threat.  Maybe the other dud, the IQ 3.85 fellow from Johor did say something.  But there is no great support for this super donkey idea by Super Moron.

My advise to the Muhyiddin team is to just let this slide. Just ignore the Moron. Lets see if he can deliver on  this “threat”.  If the other UMNO / BN MPs still vote in favour of the Budget (on Nov 23) it will just be another day of playing in the mud for the Moron. No big deal. 

As my favourite history buff from Jerantut says – ‘Never wrestle in the mud with a pig. The dirtier it gets the more he likes it.

First of all why RM10,000? Because it is easy to remember? Why not RM12,000? Or RM15,000? Too many letters to spell? How about an even RM20,000? Certainly RM20,000 is better than RM10,000.

But I have some questions for Super Moron. So if this RM10,000 EPF withdrawal is across the board (everyone can get it) what about those who do not have RM10,000 in their EPF accounts? Do they get to fully empty their EPF account? 

How many people are there with less than or more than RM10,000 in their EPF accounts? What is their age group? Are they still working or have they lost their jobs? Have you checked these numbers before opening your mouth?

Do they all need a lump sum RM10,000 in their hands or do they need a breather – like RM500 per month for 12 months – to help buy food, pay the bills etc? 

Say a fellow has RM20,000 in the EPF. He will have only RM10,000 left. What if he is already in his early 50s? Retiring soon. Then he will not have much simpanan hari tua left. Neither will he have enough time to build up his EPF balance back to RM20,000 again.  

Dont believe me?  Go and check the bulk of especially Malay workers in Kelantan, Terengganu, Kedah, Perak  etc. Many are still earning BELOW minimum wages. 

And if you give them RM10,000 in their hand – the money will just disappear. Where is the guarantee that they will use the RM10,000 to pay off their debts? 

Also not everyone across the board has debts. Some will be debt free. But they have no earnings – because the economy is dead. And they still need money to survive.  So if they get RM10,000 they may just spend it all away. 

Inflation may spike if people go around spending RM10,000 each in the market. Why? Because Moron’s proposal No. 2 is to extend the loan moratorium by 12 months. So no need to pay car loans, housing loans, credit card hutang for 12 months. So what will the people do with the RM10,000 extra cash? Go for makan, go shopping (online??), go for jalan-jalan. That RM10,000 will be spent in no time. Just like that.

And why only SIX months on the loan moratorium? Why so stingy? Why not just a full year? According to Nas (on YouTube) Germany has declared ‘free rental’  (for rental homes) throughout Germany until 2022 !!  Wow!! (I believe the German government will compensate landlords – otherwise it just will not work.)

So why fool around with SIX months loan moratorium? You are not being “serious”. Why not suggest 12 months? A FULL YEAR’s moratorium ? Just let the banks bear the losses. Most of them are GLC oligopolies anyway. If they run into financial difficulties the government can always bail them out.  More taxpayers money will be burnt. Or maybe the government can borrow from the EPF again? 

Rule No. 1 for politicians – Always promise to deliver the sky. It does not belong to them anyway.

But all this is just morning chatter ok. Despite the points being relevant.

What is more important is the rest of the UMNO/BN MPs are quiet. Except for IQ 3.85 none of them have supported Moron’s suggestions.

H2O is quiet. The threat is not going to work.

But lets say the Budget is not passed in Parliament. Say there is a snap election. 

You will never know what is going to happen then. Who will be the next power block. It is very difficult to say. Taking a big chance.  

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