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Sedikit Sejarah Bagi Dr Mahathir Dan Kekawan Yang Sewaktu Dengannya

The other day after I posted some history of the Muslim attacks on Europe which killed hundreds of thousands of French and other Europeans there was some usual village idiot level feedback that the Muslims had been attacked “first” by the Christians in the Crusades.



Wrong. Silap besar ok.

The Muslims attacked Spain, ‘Portugal” and France beginning in 711 AD. The Battle of Tours in France took place in 732 AD.

The First Crusade did not take place until 385 years later in 1096. 

The Crusades ended in 1271 AD. 

Tentera Islam telah serang dan mula menawan kawasan Eropah bermula pada tahun 711 Masehi. Tentera Islam mula serang Sepanyol pada 711 Masehi. Battle of Tours yang sangat famous itu telah berlaku pada 732 Masehi sedikit jauh dari Paris di Perancis. 

Perang Salib atau Crusades pula telah bermula 385 tahun kemudian pada 1096 Masehi. Perang Salib atau Crusades berakhir pada 1271 AD.

Now here is more historical fact about Muslim “conquests”.

Has any Indian army ever attacked any Muslim country in the past? The answer is NO.

Has any Indian Army ever attacked Iran or Iraq or the Arabian Peninsula? The answer is NO.

But the Muslims from Turkey and Afghanistan attacked India. That is how the Delhi Sultanate was established (as an example).

In the process the Muslims killed millions of Hindus and Sikhs.

Here is an interesting link : 


which provides WRITTEN TESTIMONY from the personal biographies of Muslim conquerors like Shah Jahan, Akbar, Aurangzeb, Mahmud Ghazni and other Muslim conquerors describing in detail how many Hindus they killed in their battles. 

Jadi untuk fahaman Tun Dr Mahathir – hooray, Allahu Akbar. Memang orang Islam sudah bunuh berjuta orang “kafir” di zaman silam.  Hooray. Allahu Akbar.


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