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Saudi Arabia Renounces Wahabism – Maybe There Is Hope ?

Well this TV news sounds real enough. The text that came with this says :

Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Muhammad Bin Salman (MBS) announced that the official Wahabi religious principles WAS DECREED CANCELLED and acknowledged as WRONG, extremist misunderstanding of ISLAMIC Shariah and NOW not accepted anymore by the Saudi Arabian government. 

Henceforth ALL Wahabi related movements worldwide were also judged as wrong and extremist with it’s TAKFIR (labelling others as kafir, murtad, renegades, outcasts from Muslim ummah). So it is NO longer Saudi Arabia’s government policy of supporting Wahabism and related MUSLIM terrorist movements worldwide.’

If this is real news then it is very good news. Not exactly for Saudi Arabia but certainly for the rest of the world.

However they say ‘Wahabism’ and do not include Salafism. Salafism draws upon an understanding (or misunderstanding) of historical evolution of their religion. Wahabism refers to ibn Abdul Wahab who lived over 200 years ago and preached Salafism on the Arabian peninsula.)   

The Wahabi / Salafi cult has been the most destructive satanic cult that has inflicted the Muslims and the rest of the world in the 20th and 21st centuries. They have misused their oil wealth to spawn so may of these extremist and violent sub-cults all over the world. The biggest damage they have done is to the intelligence or the brains of millions of people all over the world. Their biggest crime has been spreading foolishness as part of their religion. 

I just received this news this morning. Let us hope that this is really true. 

The Crown Prince Mohamed Bin Salman may likely lose his head over this break with the Wahabis in Saudi Arabia. 

For the past 270 years there have been close ties between  the family of Al Saud and the family of ibn Abdul Wahab – which finally resulted in them taking over Saudi Arabia in 1930. Saudi Arabia is 10 years shy of being a century old. 

What this also entails is that the entire Wahabi establishment in Saudi Arabia will also be disenfranchised. Even if they do not disenfranchise them the Wahabis will still be marginalised because so much of the Wahabi presence in Saudi Arabia (in the administration, in the justice system, politics – if there is such a thing, government, education, social norms etc) are heavily influenced by Wahabism. All those Wahabi people will now be out of place.

The Crown Prince better increase his security detail and his body guards. 

Wahabism is not only a failure but it is a foolishness. A stupidity they hoisted upon themselves. It will be a first step if the Saudis have renounced Wahabism.

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