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Poly-tikus Kelantan Tak Ada Modal – U Turn Beer Pula. Tapi Di Kelantan Penjualan Arak Tidak Di Haram

Did you know that the PAS government has never banned the sale of alchohol in Kelantan? Licenses are  issued to some non-Muslim businesses to sell alchohol. They have to pay fees to the Pas state government for the licenses.

Two jokers are now involved in the ban on alchohol / no ban on beer in sundry shops fracas. The first is ‘sayangi-lah anak yatim’ Annuar Musa and the second guy is a PAS fellow. Both are from Kelantan. 

Annuar Musa has already done a sort of U – turn over beer sales in sundry shops. 

Tapi beer pun aghak brader. Camno? Licker haram, beer dibenarkan dijual? Camno?

The PAS fellow wants to extend the ban on liquor nationwide. 

KOTA BHARU: The government has not ruled out the possibility of expanding the ban on the sale of liquor at sundry and grocery shops, convenience stores as well as Chinese medicine shops nationwide, following the move in the Federal Territories.

Deputy Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department (Religious Affairs) …”

OSTB :  Actually there are other things going on in the background as well. Here is Nur Jazlan on Annuar Musa :

  • PJ : Nur Jazlan menyifatkan Annuar Musa “sudah mati” dalam Umno.
  • “Dia ‘dah mati’ dalam Umno tetapi tak mahu lompat ke (PN),” katanya 
  • Beliau mengulas kenyataan Annuar menegaskan Umno perlu sedar diri 

OSTB : So Nur Jazlan says Annuar Musa is not quite relevant anymore inside UMNO. So Annuar Musa obviously depends more on his new allies in PAS for his survival. Plus Annuar Musa is the Member of Parliament for P26 Ketereh in Kelantan. And Kelantan is of course Ground Zero for Pas. Certainly Annuar Musa can use Pas help to get votes in Kelantan.

Issues like lets ban alchohol, lets ban judi, lets ban this, lets ban that can get a lot of traction in places like Ketereh. I Googled Ketereh and this picture popped up :

Obviously those bad guys had nothing better to do. 

The Deputy Minister from Pas is the Member of Parliament for Pengkalen Chepa in Kelantan. This is sunrise in Pengkalen Chepa – truly beautiful.

You can just sit and stare at the sea and the coconut trees the whole day.

This is how it works folks.  Both Annuar Musa and the Deputy Minister are from Kelantan.  They need to appear relevant to their voters in Ketereh and Pengkalen Chepa. They need to show their voters that they are doing something in Putrajaya.  

The Deputy Minister’s statement was datelined Kota Bharu. He was obviously talking to his supporters in Kota Bharu. 

Stirring up a fuss about banning liquor etc will certainly look good to the voters in Ketereh and Pengkalen Chepa.  Their heroes are doing the ‘berjuang untuk agama, bangsa, negara’ in the ‘perantauan’. 

But what happens to all the businesses, sundry shops, the workers and all the associated economic activity in Kuala lumpur that will be impacted by these restrictions, bans on liquor sales ? The country’s economy is already suffering. This will not make it any better. 

But do they care about all that? I dont think so.

These are politicians. They need to get re-elected. Nur Jazlan says Annuar Musa sudah mati. So Annuar Musa has to stay relevant. This ban on liquor thingy will sit well with the voters in Ketereh.   

Chinese sundry shops?  Lu punya pasal lah.

Kuala Lumpur’s economy? I say, Kuala Lumpur is not Ketereh ok. Neither is it Pengkalen Chepa.

Saya cadangkan begini sajalah. Haramkan semua penjualan arak kepada orang Islam. Siapa nak beli arak mesti tunjuk IC. Kalau IC kata ‘Islam’ jangan jual arak pada orang Islam itu. Simple. Pasal apa pula pi usik orang bukan Islam? 

What makes this whole thing more ridiculous is that U-turn on beer. 

Apa pasal pula beer boleh terlepas? 

Beer is still alchohol. Beer itu aghak juga brader. 

Minum tiga koleh beer sama dengan minum satu koleh whiskey kut? 

These are politicians. 

They must look good to their voters in Ketereh and Pengkalen Chepa. 

Chinese sundry shop owners? Pi dah mabuk.

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