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Pimpinan Pak Lebai Huruhara-kah


For the past 10 months (and for the first time in our country) we have seen the parti Pak Lebai fellows trying a hand at running the country.

Here are some examples.

1.  The Lebai in charge of Water Supply said it will take 30 more years to fix the water pipes in Kelantan.

2.  The same lebai said he wanted to look for viruses in the sewerage system.

3.  Then the Pak Lebai’s  Deputy Minister criticised airhostess uniforms when the airline industry was laying off staff.

4.  The pak lebai Minister in charge of the Commodities Ministry changed the palm oil slogan to ‘Palm oil is God’s gift’.

KUALA LUMPUR: Opposition MP Hanipa Maidin claims that changing the Malaysian palm oil campaign’s slogan to “Palm oil is God’s gift” may have a detrimental impact on the country.

5. Now the Pak Lebais in Kedah said they have discovered RM43 Trillion worth of ‘mineral’ under the ground in Kedah. (Later they amended the figure to RM62 billion). 

Someone came up with the following graphic. Terima kasih. 

If these fellows can get elected this country is in some serious trouble.

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