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Perkahwinan Gundek Di Arab Saudi

Arab societies have actually already imploded and collapsed in on themselves. They have lost almost all their moral values. They have even legalised prostitution.  

Do you recall jihad munakaha (nikah jihad) or sexual jihad that was popularised by ISIS in Syria and Iraq? 

Sexual jihad is just prostitution by another name. No matter how they disguise it, it is still prostitution. 

I am just pointing out the hypocrisy. When other people do it the retards accuse them of prostitution, arrest them, throw them in jail, stone them to death etc. But when they do it, they give it fancy names like sexual jihad, and it becomes “halal”. 

Here is another example of extreme hypocrisy. It is called misyar marriage or “travellers marriage”.  It is also prostitution by another definition. Instead of renting the hotel room by the night, this is like renting a hotel room by the month. N’theless it is still “renting”.  Here is some news about mishar marriage in Saudi Arabia :

  • misyar marriage legal across Arab countries
  • couple live separately from each other 
  • but get together regularly
  • for sexual relations 
  • husband and misyar wife give up several rights 
  • such as living together 
  • misyar wife (no) rights to housing, maintenance 

Saudi man normally hides misyar marriage from first wife 
he doesn’t spend night with misyar wife
visits her during the day without his first wife’s knowledge
almost all men who seek misyar marriages are already married 

OSTB : In other countries the same “parameters” and ‘sneaking around’ applies to mistresses

  • exorbitant costs of marriage 
  • men resort to misyar marriage 
  • high dowry main reasons for misyar marriage in Saudi society
  • allowed in some Muslim countries

Misyar is official marriage in courts
the man does not complete the processes of marriage
He doesn’t add the misyar wife under his official civil document
women lose all their rights in “confidential” marriage

spread of Misyar marriage among Saudi society 
Saudi men resort to misyar marriage because do not want responsibilities
Misyar marriage does not require alimony

  • The man not obliged to spend on misyar wife and (any) children
  • He is exempted from paying for anything for them
  • Arab women generally accept misyar marriage when they reach 40 and above 
  • These women don’t want to be alone
  • They seek male companionship

poor women resort to misyar marriage to obtain needs 

My comments :  Arab society has become really quite useless to themselves. The fact that this type of misogyny (contempt of women) and misanthropy (contempt for human beings) is tolerated as normal or acceptable or permissible indicates a severe form of satanic deviation. 

It is mental sickness to look up to this culture as exemplary.  

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