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I received this yesterday. I think this has gone viral as well. Taking it at face value, meaning I hope there is a Mohd Ghouse Nasuruddin who actually wrote this.  Thank you. But the points here should be noted. As usual my comments in blue.



Adat are unwritten conventions that favour the r—-s and the courtiers, such as biar mati anak jangan mati adat and all other such conventions that degrade the rakyat to be in perpetual servitude.

It was erroneously believed that Merdeka would unshackle the servitude of Malays and afford them freedom of thought and actions unencumbered by the dictates of officialdom.

(OSTB : It was also ‘hoped’ that Merdeka would unshackle the Malay mind. There were some Malays who tried. Usually they got hounded and persecuted.)

It was not to be, first because the feudal mentality has been ingrained in them through traditions and conventions that favour the elites. And second is the continuation of feudalism as neo-feudalism in the guise of Malay-styled democracy.

The feudal roles were taken over by the Malay elites and politicians who demanded unwavering loyalty and gratitude for being the protector of the people.

For the past 60 years, these elite families and the courtiers have carved out the wealth of this country for themselves.

Timber and agricultural lands, and minerals were divided among themselves.

Likewise, business and corporate ventures. The people of course were given out crumbs as handouts.

And the Malays have become accustomed to the culture of receiving paltry handouts and are gullible and willing to trade their self worth for the obtuse promise of protecting their dignity.

The elites and politicians took advantage of this weakness to manipulate the Malays and to demand unbridled loyalty as their protectors.

Another element that the elites and politicians conjured up to make the Malays dependent on them and to regard them as their saviour is the spectre of the Malays losing their rights, religion and identity purportedly to the non-Malays.

  • In the first place, how could the Malays lose their rights and identity when the people who are supposed to preserve and advance their lots are Malays themselves.
  • From the Sultans and Rajas, ministers, civil servants, armed forces, teachers, academicians are almost all Malays.
  • How could the Malays lose their rights, religion and identity when the Malays control every level of governance?

It is merely a political ruse to put fear in the Malays and to hoodwink them to depend on their so-called protectors who are the elites and courtiers.

In this manner, the Malays become subservient and are easily manipulated to serve the agenda of the courtiers, political and corporate elites.

They put such fear in the people just so they could cling to power to squander the country’s wealth.

Their leadership has been proven to be ineffective and most of them lack the moral and ethical qualities to truly manage the affairs of the country for the benefit of the people; but only for themselves.

Their justification of clinging to power at all costs is that the country needs them. In fact, it is the civil service that actually manages the country.

All decisions by the politicians are based on the recommendation of the civil servants.

For example, during this Covid-19 pandemic, the civil servants hold the fort while the politicians are busy politicking, undermining their opponents to ensure their political survival.

In fact, the country can do without politicians for they contribute nothing but misery.

This servitude even extends to the rule of law, which the elites and politicians manipulate to serve their interests.

The rule of law is tilted in favour of the rich and powerful while the common man bears the brunt of the law.

Everyone is equal under the law except the politicians.

It is the Malay elites who undermine the lot of the ordinary Malays.

They create the dilemma and fear in the Malay psyche by playing the 3R card – race, religion and royalty – to destabilise the Malays and engender a syndrome of dependence and helplessness.

They promote the notion that they are the lifeblood of the country and the salvation for the common Malays.

They want the people to forever be in servitude to enable them to cling to power and rule as neo-feudal lords.

It is high time the Malays wake up to this ruse and take charge of their lives by taking back the country from the Malay elites.

It will also debunk the notion that they are the saviours of the Malays when in fact, they are the vampires sucking the lifeblood of the Malays.


My  comments : 

This short and concise article should be translated into Malay and be read by the Malay people. 

You may or may not agree with everything here but what is more relevant (in my opinion) is that  there seems to be an undercurrent that is developing among quite a few Malays who are beginning to realise the danger that until now their future has indeed been in the hands of the politicians and the elites.  And that has not been too good for the Malays. It has actually been disastrous for the vast majority of Malays.

  1. The politicians do seem to have a strong predilection for bull shitting. For telling lies.
  2. The elites are much more simpler to figure out – their main goal is self preservation and accumulating more wealth. 
  3. There is a third animal that preys upon the Malays and that is the “lebai” group. 

All three groups have one big target within their gunsights – taxpayers money.

The politicians and the Malay elites have been using inter-racial fear mongering and inter-religious baiting to actually widen the intra-racial economic divide within the Malays themselves.

A good example is that State run by the Pak Lebais. Right now they have already won the elections. There is no more need to deliver long boring speeches, ceramahs and campaigns.

Now is the time to reap their harvest. First they used public funds to buy themselves ‘kete Mecedi’ (Mercedes Benz).  Now they have given themselves substantial salary increases – using public funds again.  Banyak cantik.

When the people asked for clean water their reply is ‘You may get clean water in about 30 years!!’

Then when the next election comes around they will start playing the old syariah, hudud (now RUU355) records. They will replay the old broken records again and again.

Nothing much will change with the Pak Lebais.

The Malay elites just want to preserve their monopolies, oligopolies, their licenses and their access to government projects. Their wealth comes almost directly from taxpayers funds.  

They cannot seem to compete in the market and make money from the marketplace. They do not really need marketing skills. They need plenty of “government liason” skills and “politician liason” skills. 

They frequently run their businesses into bankruptcy, at which point they will ask the politicians to bail them out – again using taxpayers money. 

For the elites their very survival depends on taxpayers funds. Public money. It is the source of their wealth.

Since birds of a feather will always flock together quite naturally we see a gathering together of the politicians, the elites and the pak lebais. This triad support each other very well. Their end game is the same – taxpayers money.

The people want clean water? They can wait for another 30 years. That is what the lebai said – without batting an eyelid.

What is really happening is this :  #KitaTipuKita

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