The last time I watched TV3 was in the 20th century, maybe around 1993. That was also about the last time I watched RTM. 

Here is some trivia. Until not too lately I would be invited to appear on Astro and RTM (and TV3 as well). But I never watched any of those shows where I had appeared so I cant recall in full what I said.

1. Anyway one day I was invited to talk on RTM. I cant recall the program either. Before the recording began they will powder you up and comb your hair etc. I was in the make-up room and I chit chatted with the make up girls. When I asked them about the program (which was being recorded) they said ‘We dont know, we dont watch RTM‘. I thought that was funny. 

2. Another time Super Moron came to launch a blogger association of which I was the inaugural president (for four years). The TV3 crew was also there. I was told that a TV3 anchor woman (a Chinese girl) wanted to interview me. Since I never watched TV3 I did not know who she was and missed her among the crowd.  Oops !

Well TV3 has apologised today for saying that Kamala Harris’ mother was a PATI (Pendatang Asing Tanpa Izin) or illegal immigrant from India (pendatang asing tanpa izin dari India). The video clip has also been removed from YouTube?

Here is that TV3 clip :

The source of information about Kamala Devi Harris obviously must be from the US. Meaning the information MUST have come written in the English language. 

There is absolutely no way that the source material from the USA (in English) could have said that Kamala was the child of illegal immigrants. 

So how did whichever editor or translator in TV3 come up with PATI (Pendatang Asing Tanpa Izin)? Careless or maybe not really careless?  

Maybe it would be too onerous to decipher (for Low IQ viewers) that Kamala Harris’ mother Shamala Gopalan, travelled to Berkeley from India in 1958 where she completed her PhD and became a professor and a renowned researcher in breast cancer. Her Jamaican father too earned his PhD at Berkeley and married Kamala’s mother in 1963. 

Shamala Gopalan with daughters 
Kamala and Maya in the 1960s

Because there is no way that this information was not known to whichever news editor or translator who first received the source material from the US.

Or they could not decipher Berkeley? Berkeley means University of California at Berkeley. 

Berkeley (ok-lah the University of California at Berkeley) has todate produced a whopping 110 Nobel Prize winners ! !  

“Among the 110 laureates, 82 are Nobel laureates in natural sciences; 34 are Berkeley alumni (graduates and attendees), and 42 have been long-term academic members of the Berkeley faculty or Berkeley-affiliated research organizations; and subject-wise, 34 laureates have won the Nobel Prize in Physics, more than any other subject.

Bukan ‘bakery’  ok.

Antara 1/2 dan 1 itu 3/4.    

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