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International Experts Warn Of Violence Against Muslims In India


Washington DC:  international experts on genocidal violence warned on Tues

impending danger of ‘genocide’ of India’s 200 Million Muslims under present regime

alerted intn’l community to wake up to this lurking danger 

unfolding situation in India is grim

panel discussion on “Ten Stages of Genocide and India’s Muslims” 

expressed urgent need to expose Indian govt to prevent crimes against humanity

discussion organized by Indian American Muslim Council

Dr. Gregory Stanton said, “Preparation for genocide definitely under way in India” 

“persecution of Muslims in Assam, Kashmir is the stage just before genocide. 

The next stage is extermination—that’s what we call genocide.”

Dr Stanton founder-president of Genocide Watch

organization that predicts, prevents, stops genocide and mass murder in the world

He served in U.S. State Department in 1990s 

drafted UN Security Council resolution that created Intnl Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda

He stated “systematic crimes against humanity already underway” in India

demolition of Babri mosque and building temple 

important in development of cultural underpinnings for genocide

Delhi Police arrested hundreds of Muslims in riot cases 

accused them of violence against themselves

Dr. Stanton termed it “denial,” last stage in genocide

Denial is 10th stage of genocide

charging Muslims with, would you believe it!, killing themselves? 

violence against Muslims worsens socio-economic conditions 

enables genocidal targeting

Lack of social and economic opportunities, constant fear and insecurity among the Indian Muslims which is generated through this abrasive exclusionary tactic of hate speech and othering, is something that could possibly fit in to the possible build-up of the genocidal situation,” said Ms. Setalvad who did years of pioneering work in exposing and bringing to justice the perpetrators of anti-Muslim violence in Gujarat

Muslims of Uttar Pradesh are among worst affected by persecution and killings

chief Minister Yogi Aditya Nath known enemy of Muslims

main architect of systematic targeting of Muslim community 

through encounter killing to illegal arrests and falsely framing

Muslims subjected to Mob lynching 

false accusations of trading and consuming beef 

many cases victims succumbed to torture while Police remained mute 

“Can a country which claims to be largest democracy, force 14% of population into suppression and submission and deny them their human and constitutional rights without inviting the wrath of the international community?”

Ritumbra Manuvie, Director of The London Story, spoke of hate speech, hate crimes

Manuvie researched construction of citizenship in Assam, 

where Modi’s govnt has designated 2 million residents as foreigners 

following dubious process called National Register for Citizens

Rasheed Ahmed, Director of Indian American Muslim Council 

sharply criticized silence of US govt about Feb 2020 anti-Muslim pogrom in Delhi 

deepening challenges to religious freedoms in India  

My comments : 

There is growing concern in India even among Hindu Members of Parliament against the increasing occurrences of mob violence and street violence against Muslims in India. 

Other than Muslims the Christian minority has also suffered mob violence in India, particularly the burning of churches and attacks against Christians by Hindu fanatics.  

The Muslims in India make up a far bigger minority with over 200 million Muslims spread out in every Indian state.

Religious and caste violence is nothing new in India. As late as the 1990s between 150,000 to 500,000 Hindus (Kashmiri Brahmins) were forced to leave Indian occupied Kashmir by jihadi terrorists. Hundreds of these Brahmins were also killed by jihadi terrorists over this period. 

So there has been a tit for tat going on in India for some time. Religious and caste violence is also more prominent in northern India – as compared to southern India. The state of Uttar Pradesh is Ground Zero for anti-Muslim riots followed by Gujarat and Maharashtra. All three are in ‘northern India’.  

There is some history to this.  For a large part of the past 650 years or more India was largely ruled by Muslims. The Delhi Sultanate ruled almost all of India for 300 years from 1206 to 1526.  See the left of the picture below.

The Delhi Sultanate was replaced by the Moghul Empire which ruled India for 331 years from 1526 – 1857 (when the British fully dissolved the Moghul Empire). 

The Muslims who made up about 1/3 or more of the total Indian population ruled over India for over 650 years. 

Even now if the Muslim populations of Pakistan and Bangladesh are counted together Muslims make up easily over 30% of the total population of South Asia.   Imagine if Pakistan and Bangladesh had not become separate states – I believe there would have been a Civil War in India.

Now in the modern era,  since independence and democracy in 1948, the  rule by majority Hindus is only 74 years old in India.  And of those 74 years the secular Congress Party has ruled India for 54 years. The Hindu nationalist BJP which now rules India is a johnny come lately on the scene and has chosen the road of Hindu identity as its main platform.

And as time passes the ruling BJP does seem to wear religion on its sleeves.  Never have religious identities and religious differences been so much in the spotlight until Modi and the BJP came to power. 

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