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Indonesia To Become World’s 4th Largest Economy : Jawatan Kosong Di Indonesia

Lately (for the past 20 years) there has been plenty of talk about Indonesia getting up and moving forward. And Indonesia is now sitting squarely on the radar of foreign investors.

Indonesia occupies a super strategic location in the world and in Asia. Indonesia is neighbours with mainland South East Asia, Singapore, the Philippines, Australia and India.  

India’s southernmost point at Point Indira in the Nicobar Islands is 80 nautical miles from Indonesia’s northern most Pulau Sabang in Aceh.

The Indonesian economy has sometime ago joined the US$1 TRILLION Club. This means the Indonesian GDP is above US$1 TRILLION. (In comparison the Malaysian GDP is about US$300 BILLION – less than 1/3 the size of Indonesia’s GDP).

Indonesia is now the world’s 16th largest economy (GDP US$1.11 TRILLION). However by Purchasing Power Parity (PPP) Indonesia is already the world’s SEVENTH largest economy. 

Here is some copy paste :

By 2050 (30 years from now) Indonesia is expected to become the world’s 4th largest economy. Here is a short video :  

Here is another league table showing Indonesia is indeed in the Top 10 World Economies (by PPP) even ahead of the UK and Italy.  

To become the 4th largest economy in the world by 2050 Indonesia will need massive foreign investments as well, starting from now. 

This is indeed happening already.   The following news was reported in just three days (between Nov 16th – Nov 18th). Three foreign investors Amazon (US$2.8b), Hyundai (US$1.55b) and battery giant CATL (US$5.1b) have announced giant investments in Indonesia totalling US$9.45 BILLION or RM39 billion. In just three days.

Indonesia appears to be on its way to becoming an economic powerhouse not just in Asia but in the world. Pretty soon we may see Malaysians moving to Indonesia looking for work and opportunities. 

If that happens I wonder how they will treat Malaysians.

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