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In Appreciation Of HRH The Sultan Of Johor




PJ : Johor Sultan advises public avoid jumping to conclusions  

Ruler said any premature punishment only make it difficult 

I am confident Johor Religious Dept  and Johor Mufti will assist the woman 

“Islam advises, not simply punishes its people,” Ruler said

adding any news on issue must be fact-checked and read without prejudice

govt said it would summon ___ soon as she returns home

religious affairs ministry currently checking with Johor Religious Dept 

My comments :

I decided not to mention the girl’s name (or her husband’s) because this is a private matter. Plus there is no issue. 

Before I forget may I congratulate the young couple. May you have a long and prosperous life together with all the family that you would like to have.  

I believe this young couple should be given some award for being patient for EIGHT long years before they could get married. That was indeed a long test of their commitment.  And that is all I want to say.

HRH The Sultan Of Johor has once again spoken up against what is actually confusion in the administration of religious authority in Malaysia. 

In Malaysia the Federal Constitution states clearly that religion is a state matter under the full authority of the State Rulers like HRH the Sultan of Johor. The Federal Government has no authority on the administration of religious affairs except in the Federal Territories of Kuala Lumpur, Labuan and Putrajaya. 

Yet a Federal Minister has spoken up prematurely on this issue and even started issuing threats of taking action against the girl. And from the news coverage the girl appears to be a native of Johor and a subject of HRH the Sultan of Johor. It is the Sultan of Johor who has jurisdiction over any religious matters involving the girl – if there are any. 

HRH the Sultan of Johor has spoken up a number of times to address confusion over religious matters inside his State. This included his objections over that ‘Muslims Only’ sign that was hung up in some laundry shop, the issue of arabisation of Malay culture and other matters. 

The understanding of religion in this country has become a rojak pasembor and its administration has long become a bubur cha cha.  There is utter confusion and no proper leadership to guide the masses. And the culprits who are messing things up seem to be those religious graduates – those turbanned guys who have studied religion here at home and abroad. 

If I may make a humble plea, may I request the Malay Rulers to entirely and fully revamp the administration of religious affairs in their states and hence in the country? The administration of religion pertaining to personal affairs should be left to the individual citizen or subject. The affairs of marriage, divorce, death and inheritance should be left to the individual citizen who may or may not choose to refer to the state religious authorities on a voluntary basis to seek guidance or counseling  only.  The religion has been present in this country for 500 years or so. The religious departments have only been around for 60 years or so.

There seems to be serious confusion over the administration of religious affairs in the country and it appears to be getting worse. This tussle between non-existent Federal jurisdiction and the Sultan’s / State’s authority is one clear example.  The legal responsibility (as per the Federal Constitution) does fall on the Malay Rulers.  

Source: SyedOutsidetheBox

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