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I Told You So, There Is NO Political Crisis, PH Sudah Kau Tim Budget 2021, Everyone Just Go Home

Folks, I told you there is no political crisis in the country.  Now I am re-thinking if all the political excitement of the past few weeks was all just a big wayang. There are some clever people in the background. 

Anyway the Pakatan Harapan has met the Minister of Finance and they have come to an agreement over the Budget 2021. They have released a Media Statement as follows (I have kept the main points). My comments in blue.


1 November 2020

  • PH concluded 1st engagement with Minister of Finance to discuss 2021 Budget
  • PH views budget as paramount Parliamentary duty of all MPs
  • as an opportunity to safeguard democracy 

OSTB :  paramount duty of all MPs ?? To safeguard democracy? This is just another bullshit way of saying they have kau tim. Read on.

imperative both govt and opposition come together to craft Unity Budget

 OSTB : Wow ! Unity Budget ? ‘come together’ ? So they got what they wanted.

  • 2021 Unity Budget must focus on ordinary Malaysians, creating jobs, bla bla bla 
  • In essence, we urged govt to pursue expansionary fiscal  policy 

OSTB :  Huh !!  They urged government to pursue expansionary fiscal policy ?? Tuan-tuan, this simply means they agreed that the government can borrow money. 

Expansionary fiscal policy means expand, expand, expand. That means borrow, borrow, borrow.

Ok tuan-tuan the following is the most interesting part. Depa nak bullshit pun depa tak tahu macam mana.

  • We also suggested and explained a plethora of our budget ideas and policies 
  • Of all the ideas proposed, we wish to highlight six key recommendations
OSTB :  This means they discussed maybe five dozen items. But they are telling the public (thats you and me) about SIX items only. 
  1. Increase health ministry resources for Covid-19 bla bla bla
  2. Expand social protection, safety net and welfare payments bla bla
  3. Loan moratorium extension till 31 st March 2021 bla bla
  4. Wage subsidy to be continued till 31st March 2021 bla bla
  5. Increase in education spending bla bla
  6. Develop 2 projects, National Fiberisation, water infrastructure bla bla

OSTB : They suggested a plethora of ideas and policies. But out of this “plethora” they are only telling us about SIX of them.

So tuan-tuan what is the rest of this “plethora” they are not telling the public? Sudah kau tim lah.

  • We hope these recommendations accepted into Unity Budget 2021 
  • We await next steps and responses from govt in this consultative process.

OSTB :  Meaning they have established a direct line of communication with the government.  It will last until the Budget is approved (say within 14 days after Nov. 6th). Thats more than enough time for “consultative process“.

YB Hj Mohamad Sabu
Parti Amanah Negara

YB Lim Guan Eng
Secretary General
Parti Tindakan Demokratik

YB DS Saifuddin Nasution
Secretary General
Parti Keadilan Rakyat

OSTB :  I think I wont play that laughing monkey video again lah.  They have asked to Save the Whales, to Save the Children, to Save Planet Earth etc bla bla.

But they are not telling us what else was in that “plethora” of suggestions they put to the government. 

Ok it is clear that the Budget 2021 will pass muster in Parliament. There will be no collapse of the government.

This Media Statement has been signed by DAP, PKR and Amanah. That is already 90 MPs ?? The Budget will pass.

This also means there will be no Vote of No Confidence against the PM. 

Dr Mahathir sudah kena main belakang oleh Brader. 

This also means that UMNO just lost their bargaining chips. With this type of Media Statement, the PM does not even need the Umno MPs anymore. 

As I have said before, each time they try their shenanigans, it is the Prime Minister who comes out on top. And it has happened again. The Prime Minister has come out on top again. The Budget 2021 will pass in Parliament.  The government remains intact.

This is the nature of our politics now. No single party has an absolute majority to dominate the government.

A cleverer Prime Minister with a majority of just a handful can still be the kingpin that holds everyone together. That is what is happening now. And that is what will happen in the foreseeable future. 

There is a political crisis within Umno, within PKR amd maybe Pejuang. 

But there is no political crisis for the government. Everyone can go home.

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