The Budget 2021 has been passed by Parliament. 

Now you will find out that even those “heroes” who wanted to torpedo the Budget actually voted for it. This is Malaysia ok. People play both sides. All the time. 

Here is some news :

  • YDP Agong said Budget 2021 was crucial 
  • YDP Agong extended gratitude to federal lawmakers for approving Budget 2021
  • Agong welcomed support given to Budget 2021
  • Agong expressed gratitude to lawmakers who upheld His Majesty’s Oct 28 decree 
  • PN Budget 2021 passed in Dewan Rakyat with voice vote 
  • fewer than 15 lawmakers rose to make rejection 

(OSTB : Huh ?? ONLY FIFTEEN objected ?? What about 116 MPs lah, 122 MPs lah ??)

  • Budget 2021 pass crucial first stage 
  • effectively ends month of speculation over its fate since Nov 6
  • several purported that they would vote it down

(OSTB : So what does this mean? This means there is no political crisis. As I said before this simply means that the Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin is stronger than ever.  Agree or dont agree, like it or not – this is the fact.  

Now we are going to see the break up of Muafakat Nasional between Umno and PAS. Simply because the PAS is becoming a burden on Umno.  The Malay supporters of both Umno and Pas are getting tired of the silly antics of the Pas leaders and Pas Ministers. Muafakat Nasional will go.

Zahid Hamidi and Super Moron PM12 will also be left out to dry. All their bullshit and crap has amounted to nothing.  If the rest of Umno has any sense left at all inside their brains they will suspend both Zahid and PM12  from the party – pending the resolution of their court  cases which will decide their going to jail or not going to jail. PM12 has already been sentenced to 12 years in jail.  (Hence PM12). 

Here is Malaysia Now :

  • Dewan Rakyat today voted to pass 2021 budget 
  • lone attempt by Mahfuz to support bloc vote
  • would require the backing of at least 15 MPs
  • Today’s outcome put to rest talk that PN govt would collapse 
  • following speculation MPs would reject budget
OSTB : May I make a suggestion.

We have seen BN/Umno for 63 years. Morons.
We have seen Pakatan Harapan for 22 months. Super Morons.

The PN will gain in strength. MPs may now even jump ship and join PN.

My suggestion is this. 

Why dont the political parties get together? Form a grander coalition?

Why not the remnants of Pakatan Harapan (DAP, Amanah, PKR whatever) and PN send out feelers to find ways to work together?

The PH can get back in Cabinet and have a say in managing the country. The PN will be strengthened and can focus more on development and nation building.

My one and only concern is the progress of the economy and the well being of the people.

None of you donkeys and monkeys in Parliament were able to do it sitting on Opposite sides of the Dewan.  So why not just try working together?

As I said whether BN, PH and now PN does not make much difference. 
The country is still the same. The people are still suffering.

To me as an ordinary citizen it does not make any difference anymore who is in government.

So why not you all just work together and reduce the useless political bickering in the country.

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