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Huge Sunday Protest In Bangkok Targets Palace – To Break Taboos


There was another huge protest in Thailand yesterday. Over 10,000 people gathered in Bangkok to protest against the government and the monarchy.

It is interesting that this time the protesters made a direct approach to the Grand Palace. This is a clever move by the younger protesters who want to break the taboo that the Palace and the King cannot be challenged. 

Here is Al Jazeera : 

Thousands of pro-democracy protesters try deliver letters to Thai king

pro-democracy pushing for reform of monarchy, almost daily demonstrations 

8 Nov 2020

confronted by riot police and sprayed with water cannon 

they tried to approach Bangkok’s Grand Palace to deliver letters 

Sunday 2nd time water cannon used 

protesters pushed aside buses, barbed wire, to approach palace

Reuters estimated more than 10,000 protesters 

Prayuth lacks legitimacy because came to power under military rule

Prayuth in 2014 led a coup removing an elected government 

new constitution by military also considered illegitimate, anti-democratic

reform of monarchy most controversial.

Until protesters raised the issue, public criticism of royals unknown

“We no longer want the monarch to interfere in politics” protest leaders told Reuters

protesters have increasingly put monarchy issue front and centre

Parliament agreed to debate amending constitution 

rejected by protesters

Prayuth insisted he will not step down

reform monarchy dead end

situation deadlocked

My comments :  Either the people get tired of these protests or the people’s suffering will overcome their tiredness to protest. I think the Thai people have had enough of suffering.

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