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How did Bernie Sanders know in so much detail in advance ?

Here is a TV interview (Tonite Show?0 with Bernie Sanders that took place some weeks ago. Sanders predicts with unbelievable accuracy that Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania will have issues on Election Day, especially with postal votes.  Here is Bernie Sanders :

  • Bernie Sanders has picked the problem correctly – postal votes.
  • He has picked the three states correctly – Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.
  • He has said in advance that the majority of postal votes will be democrats.

Well California and the six states in New England were solid blue – won by the democrats.  Millions of democrats voted at the polling booths in California and New England. They did not vote via the mail.  Proving that huge majorities of democrats did come out to vote on Nov 3rd. Otherwise Biden would have had to wait for days to count all the postal votes before he could have won California and New England.

There are 50 states in the US. The probability of getting just one state correct (say Michigan) is 1/50 or 2%.

The probability of getting THREE states correct (Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania) is 1/50 x 1/50 x 1/50 = 1/125,000 = 0.0008% (If I recall my Probabilities correctly).

And the New York Times was already saying on October 30th 2020 that the vote counting will take days.  How did they know?

Because the same newspaper was predicting a landslide victory for Biden. They had already given Biden huge leads over Trump. So why did they say that the vote count will take days?

Yes I know this is hinting at conspiracies again but the reality on the ground has been different.

A friend who lives across from Lake Michigan (in Canada) says that a pro-Trump motorcade in the US hit the news because it stretched for 96 miles !!

Lets see what else happens.

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