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Hillary Clinton Links To Dominion Voting System Company Revealed

Well more information is being exposed about the American presidential election. Here is Rudolph Giuliani again in a 3 minute video:



The Dominion voting system has been found defective in more than one county. 

There are also other issues that should raise ethical points. 

1. Joseph Biden has set up an ‘Office of the President-elect’.  The media is going goo goo ga ga over this. But the fact is there is no official confirmation that Biden has won the election. 

Today’s news says new ‘projections’ show that Trump has won North Carolina. I believe North Carolina was earlier “called” for Biden (by the Media). 

Despite the uncertainty, Biden is going ahead with his Office of the President-elect. It is not a crime but it certainly raises issues of ethics. Shouldnt he wait for official confirmation of having won the election?

It is to be noted that when Trump won in 2016 he did not set up an Office of the President-elect. There was no such thing. 

2. Biden has also hired executives from a Google owned company and also from Facebook to be in his transition team (and most likely be absorbed into his administration – if he does win the election).

Nicole Wong, a Vice President and general counsel for Alphabet owned Google will be on Biden’s transition team for the Department of Justice.  

Then Jessica Hertz an executive from Facebook has also been hired : 

Considering that Google and Facebook are such huge monsters and have such a huge influence on Social Media, their Online presence etc which certainly did help Joseph Biden’s campaign (or helped with negative perceptions of Trump),  it looks like these people are being rewarded. It is not a crime but again it certainly raises issues of ethics.

Lastly here is some  comparison about the last six US presidents: 

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