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Europe Wakes Up (Again) To “Barbarians” In Their Midst

While the world was awaiting the US elections some Muslim jihadi psychos went on a shooting spree in Vienna in Austria.  One of them (there were two) was shot dead. He was a 20 year old boy from North Macedonia. Where the hell is North Macedonia? It is in an area of the former Yugoslavia. This screwed up place is now a Salafi stronghold. I posted here a couple of times already that Bosnia has now become a Salafi hotspot in the Balkans. You can now include ‘north’ Macedonia in this mental hospital. 

The 20 year old Macedonian boy had just been released from jail (in Austria) where he had been sentenced to 22 months for trying to enlist in ISIS. Meaning at the time he was trying to join ISIS he was just over 17 years old. 

What would a 17 year old boy from a Salafi shit hole know anything about anything? Yet he was using a high powered rifle to kill people. Even in Austria guns are expensive. So who gave this stupid child the money to buy the rifle? Who indoctrinated this obviously uneducated child to kill people?

So perhaps the Europeans are waking up. The Europeans can be quite stupid too. Here is the Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz :

  • Kurz expects Europe to abandon “misunderstood tolerance” 
  • in the wake of terrorist attack in Vienna 
  • calling for an EU-wide effort to combat “political Islam”
  • I expect end to wrongly understood tolerance … in all European countries 
  • “political Islam” endangers “our freedom” and “European model of life”
  • issue grave enough to require Europe-wide response
  • raised topic in phone calls with many European leaders 
  • plans to fight “political Islam” at upcoming EU summits
Not to be left out German Chancellor Angela Merkel is also incensed at Islamic terrorism:

  • Islamist terrorism common enemy Chancellor Merkel said
  • after terrorist attack in Vienna, 3 civilians dead in gun violence

My comments :

They are not going to solve this problem until they ban the hatred in the preachings and the teachings. And the hatred in their books and their writings.  And make them read and understand what is really written in the Quran. 

Until then this will not stop. They are following false and fake teachings.

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