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Bukhari Gate Part 1 – By Mufti Abu Layth


NOTE :  This post is a highly “technical” discussion about Bukhari.  Non Muslims will be totally lost. Non Muslims will not know who or what is Bukhari. You are not alone. Neither do 1.6 billion Muslims. Anyway non Muslims do not have to listen to this video.

This video is almost TWO HOURS long but I strongly recommend Muslim readers to listen to the entire video.  


The speaker is Mufti Abu Layth (birthname Nahiem Ajmal), who is a Punjabi Muslim born (1980) and raised in Birmingham, UK. 

He has a string of degrees and qualifications in religious studies and Arabic gained over about 10 years from Syria and Pakistan and three more university degrees (in Education and Psychology) from the UK.  

1. Mufti Abu Layth first studied Arabic and Islamic Studies as a teenager in the UK in 1997. 

2. He then went to Damascus, Syria to study religion at  Ma’had al-Amaniya and at Damascus University. 

3. Mufti Abu Layth then travelled to Pakistan to memorise the Qur’an, which he completed within a year, along with Tafsir and Fiqh at the Jami`ah Muhammadiyyah Institute in Islamabad, Pakistan (under the supervision of Shaykh Amin-ul-Hasanat)

4.  He then returned to Syria to recite the entire Qur’an to Shaykh Abdul-Haadi at-Tabbaa’.  After listening to his recitation of the entire Quran Shaykh Abdu’l-Haadi authorised Mufti Abu Layth to teach with an ijazah [License to teach]. 

5. After gaining his ijazah to teach the Quran, the Mufti returned back to Pakistan, Karachi and completed the (Dars-e-Nizami) Alim Course at the Jami`ah Binnoria, where he studied more Tafsir, Hadith, Usul, Comparative Fiqh, Arabic Literature, Arabic Grammar, history and Aqidah to advanced level.

6.  Mufti Abu Layth also completed another two year Mufti training course (training in the practice of issuing Fatwa) at the same Jami’ah, specialising in Fiqh across the various madhhabs. He was then issued a certificate which entitled him to add the title “Mufti” to his name.

7.  After completing his religious studies Mufti Abu Layth returned to the UK in 2005, and qualified as a professional teacher (PGCE) and completed his Masters degree (M.Ed) 

8.  His passion for Psychology led him to University studies once again, where he completed a degree in Psychology (B.Sc.) in the UK.

Mufti Abu Layth has taught Arabic and Islamic Studies in various Schools and Colleges in the UK. 

Mufti Abu Layth also worked at the Park View School in Birmingham and was hailed as a ‘voice of moderate Islam’ who had even been invited to the White House in recognition of his anti-terror work.

He successfully de-radicalised young Salafis who had proposed to carry out bombings in the UK.  Mufti Abu Layth was also instrumental in setting down a law in the UK preventing Muslims becoming members of Isis.

So that is some background  on Mufti Abu Layth. Here is the video. I have some comments after the video.


The important point to note in this video is that these people can discuss religious topics without blowing themselves up or blowing up someone else. Hands off the suicide vest lah. 

But then again this is You Tube and the Mufti Abu Layth is a citizen of the UK where freedom of speech is almost guaranteed – first by their social norms which have then become reflected in their laws. 

The Mufti Abu Layth presents his points in an intelligent and educated manner. Again that is because he was born and raised in the United Kingdom or Britain. 

Finally I must say that ‘Ini bukan saya cakap tau. Ini orang lain cakap. Jangan marah saya tau. Video ini dalam You Tube. Bukan saya buat video ini.”

Also I have my own views which may or may not be parrallel with what Mufti Abu Layth says. 

But I can say one thing – despite studying religion for so many years in Syria and Pakistan, Mufti Abu Layth’s knowledge about the Quran is very basic. Too basic.

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