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Breaking News – PH In Serious Political Crisis, Close To Breaking Up

OSTB :  The Pakatan Harapan is about to break up. 

Even if they do not break up two things are for certain :

1. The Brader’s role as kepala of the pembangkang is over. As good as dead and gone. 
2. There is no more respect for PKR as top dog in the Opposition. 

Here is some news :

KL Dec 17 — Guan Eng, Mat Sabu said PH dont waste time on PN 
after failing to stop Budget time now for PH to face reality it needs reset
Tues disappointing for PH who hoped Budget would be defeated 
need for reset in course set by PH following passage of Budget 2021 
not a single PN backbencher voted with PH, including those who support Anwar 
Clearly these backbenchers playing games to gain maximum leverage 
backbenchers only using PH for own gain
must be political reset to focus on next general election

OSTB : Today (Thurs 17 Dec 2020) the PH was supposed to have an emergency meeting to discuss a “reset” for the Pakatan Harapan. The meeting was cancelled at the last minute. No prizes for guessing who cancelled the meeting.

Here is Malaysiakini’s headline only :

OSTB :  The Pakatan Harapan (Mat Sabu, Guan Eng, DAP etc) are beginning to realise what I have known for 22 years – the Brader is a dud.

He is no leader. Not only has he failed to form any convincing and formidable majority to topple the government but in the process of making his bombastic claims he has made the entire Pakatan Harapan look like clowns and fools. Including Guan Eng and Mat Sabu. 

Gambar hiasan saja. Some resemblance to a Thai 
po_n actor doubling as a clown act

The writing on the wall is very clear –  the PH wants to appoint a NEW leader of the Opposition. It is obvious. They want a reset. 

Reset means they do not want the Brader as their leader anymore.   

  • Guan Eng and Mat Sabu should just come out and say it point blank.  
  • The question is if Mat Sabu and Guan Eng do not want Brader as the leader, will the PKR leave the Pakatan Harapan ?
  • The answer is a straight NO. 
  • If the PKR leaves the PH, where will the PKR go? 
  • What can PKR do on their own? 
  • Nothing.

So now is indeed the time for DAP and Amanah to put their foot down and insist that the Brader step down as the leader of the Opposition.

(I say DAP, Amanah and Pakatan Harapan people, think : so what are your choices? If the Brader remains as the leader of the Opposition, the Pakatan Harapan will become a worse laughing stock. You will lose all chances of winning the elections. Get rid of him now.)

Either appoint Dr Mahathir (and become the laughing stock again) or appoint someone else. There is another candidate but I reserve my comments on him – for now.

Guan Eng should not be elevated to leader of the Opposition because then it will become Melayu lawan Cina all over again.

The alternative is appoint Mat Sabu of Amanah as leader of the Opposition. Give him a shot. Abang Mat is a good story teller.  

The PKR should break up one more time. That may not happen at this point because all the “rebels” have left. There are no new ‘rebel leaders’ inside PKR to agitate for a break up.

In lieu of which the Pakatan Harapan should break up.

One more break up that is long overdue is UMNO. The party should break up – unless those three stumbling blocks are put away in jail. In which case the party may remain intact. 

Back to the Pakatan Harapan, the sooner they get rid of the Brader the faster they can reorganise and move forward.  

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