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Blog Has Gone Past 80 Million Views. Thank You.

Once again thank you for taking the blog past 80 million hits. The blog is also approaching 10,000 blog posts. 

There were more comments (thank you very much) than I could vet carefully  and some of the comments have invited trouble so I am still not able to allow any comments. Plus I dont have time. Time is always short.

I have been posting fewer articles over the past two to three months because I am wrapping up another writing project. Plus there are a bunch of other things to do.

The blog is being read by the right people because I do get feedback.  The media, both local and foreign, also pick things up from this blog. I have been contacted by the foreign media for statements and interviews which I usually decline. I do meet the foreign media in person – from time to time. Thanks for the thought anyway.    

There will be a slight change in the blog’s focus – I hope to make more suggestions about policy changes for the government (or whoever is in power) to consider, especially economic policy.  

I will continue to highlight that Islam and religion are two different things entirely. That the problem is in religion. Not in Islam. 

Thank you again for reading the blog. After 80 million hits I hope you will continue to find it useful. 

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