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Anwar Will Not Berundur Lah – So Reformasi Or Diktatorship ?

First lets look at the news. My comments follow.

1. Sabah DAP wants Brader Anwar Out

  • KK : Pakatan Harapan semakin bergolak 
  • pemimpin pembangkang lantang gesa Anwar berundur 

Ketua Pemuda DAP Sabah, Phoong kata Anwar gagal menunaikan janji 
menjejaskan kredibiliti PH
janji Anwar untuk majoriti kuat tidak berhasil
Janji (Anwar) tidak menjadi 
kerjasama dengan UMNO juga disangsi ramai 
ramai dukacita kegagalan Anwar menolak Belanjawan 2021 
Semua ini menghakis keyakinan rakyat terhadap PH

  • Ketua Pembangkang diejek kerana tidak menunaikan janji
  • Phoong berkata PH akan kehilangan sokongan
  • Pemimpin baharu, dasar baharu, pemikiran baharu (diperlukan)
  • presiden Upko Wilfred Tangau minta Anwar hentikan “politik nombor”
  • Guan Eng, Mat Sabu gesa Anwar henti buang masa dengan PN 
  • yang memperalatkan mereka
  • PH perlu anjakan politik baru, susulan kegagalan halang belanjawan 

Shafie Apdal tegaskan pembangkang perlu perubahan kepimpinan 
jika tidak mahu kewibawaan terjejas di kalangan rakyat

2.  Shafie Apdal wants Brader Anwar Out

fall out between PH and Warisan 
things are rocky after Shafie’s call for change of leadership 
opposition parties are in disarray
Warisan could be looking at other partners at federal level 
opportunities abound to find new political coalitions
Shafie claimed opposition would fail in GE15 
if same old leaders helm opposition
current leaders disunited and had no direction
PKR and Warisan on collision course 
absence of Warisan MPs from budget votes 
Warisan acknowledged absence of MPs show displeasure with Anwar

3.  DAP turns against Brader Anwar

KK : Sabah DAP assemblyman rocked PH boat even further
calling for new opposition leader to replace Anwar Ibrahim
days after Shafie Apdal made similar call
Phoong noted Anwar did not deliver claim of having numbers 
many questioned and poked fun at PH’s credibility

  • so-called ‘strong, formidable and convincing’ majority did not turn up 
  • building coalition with Umno doubted by many
  • people’s faith in PH faltering 
  • opposition leader mocked as ‘the boy who cried wolf’
  • PH will lose supporters 
  • PH urgently needed political reset
  • as stated by Guan Eng, Mat Sabu today

New leaders, new policies, new mindset, fresh team 
Upko president Wilfred Tangau told Anwar to give up “numbersd” politics 
PH must admit its strategic mistake recapturing power through defectors 
split PH even further
leaders fight over next prime minister before it is reality
voter thinks opposition lacks credibility
Unfortunately, we no longer see enthusiasm in opposition chief 

4.  Even PKR Sabah Having Doubts

Body language : Christina does not appear convinced

KK Anwar met Sabah party chief Christina Liew 
after Shafie Apdal called for change in opposition leadership
Shafie called for change across the board in opposition leadership
which he described as disunited and directionless
Liew said “foreseeable changes in political landscape in Malaysia”

My comments : 

First of all we see that those who can see the Brader is a dud are mostly the non Melayus. Especially the non Melayus from Sabah. DAP’s Phoong, UPKO’s Wilfred Tangau, Warisan’s Shafie and Sabah PKR’s Christina Liew. 

The Brader’s bombastic choice of words ‘formidable, convincing, super-cali-fragilistic-expialidocious”  majority of MPs etc was just so much bullshit. It was designed to impress the Semenanjung supporters who are somehow easier to ‘con-vince’. 

But the Sabah folks seem to have a better set of otak on their shoulders and they are calling out the Brader’s bullshit for what it really is.

DAP is also playing clever again. While DAP Semenanjung kept quiet, they got their Pemuda boy in Sabah to say that it is time for Brader Anwar to become an exhibit in the museum.  

CONCLUSION 1 : Folks, it is plain that Brader Anwar has long ago outlived his uselessness. 

CONCLUSION 2 : Folks, it is plain that Brader Anwar is NOT GOING TO STEP Out Of The Way or STEP DOWN as leader of the Opposition.  So if you want to see what a dictator may look like, pay close attention.  The dud is just NOT GOING to step down. You will have to call Ridpest or someone. 

QUESTION 1  :  So what the hell is the Pakatan Harapan going to do about it? Brader Anwar is not going to step down or step aside. So what is the Pakatan Harapan going to do?

Brader Anwar’s Melayu supporters in the Semenanjung (like Otai Reformis) have also said they are fed up with Brader Anwar but usually they do not follow their words with actions.

The next elections must take place in 2023 – three years away.  The Pakatan Harapan will certainly get kicked out if they present Brader Anwar as their candidate for PM.

If the Pakatan Harapan waits until the last minute to find a new Prime Minister candidate, that will also be too late.  

So the Pakatan Harapan must make the changes now. 

The PH must find a new PM candidate now.  

May I humbly suggest Shafie Apdal?  

Shafie Apdal is a far better and far superior candidate to lead the Opposition.

Conclusion 3 : Brader Anwar is not going to step down or step aside. So to all you dunggus out there, how are you going to get rid of him?   

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