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Alamak !! Now Rafizi Ramli Pula Gives Warning To Brader Anwar “beware of gangsterism” ! ! !

This is from The Star and  M’kini :

1. The Star

Rafizi Ramli warned Anwar in grave danger of losing everything 
by surrounding himself with “hardcore opportunists”
told Anwar repeatedly to beware of “gangsterism, politics of money, promises”

He was speaking up, as he had been asked to reply on issue of youth chief 
Dec 11 screenshots of Youth leaders making fun of Anwar’s failure to get majority 

  • I have warned Anwar before .. retort has its basis
  • Anwar must be smarter in choosing .. his gatekeepers
  • those currently . . never around when Anwar in prison

(OSTB : Maybe because they were still in kindergarten?)

  • Now, they target leaders ..to be condemned
  • so that leaders who are threat can be removed

Here is Malaysiakini with the same story:

2. Malaysiakini :

Rafizi warns Anwar about surrounding himself with opportunists
warned Anwar to act immediately against “scoundrels and opportunists” 
surrounded Anwar and brought dangerous culture to party
Rafizi said “boys” appeared after Anwar released from prison in 2018 

  • boys only appeared when he was prime minister in waiting he said 
  • commenting on Youth chief who mocked Anwar in WhatsApp 
  • some Youth leaders urge him to resign

Many aware of individuals around Anwar who bring dangerous culture 
They bring gangster culture and money politics. 
They walk around sowing money and promises,” added Rafizi.

  • I have reprimanded Anwar for past two years
  • Anwar need to be wise choosing people who are guardians to his office
  • “At first, he chose Azmin and now we have seen what happens,” said Rafizi.

Rafizi added Akmal targeted, bullied for having independent view
viewed as threatening by those surrounding Anwar
Akmal’s reprimand has basis

“I advise everyone who intends to use this party for wealth, position – better not to disturb me.”

Rafizi warned while he may be dormant, he could be stirred into action if provoked

My comments :

Rafizi complains about :   gangsterism, scoundrels and opportunists, gangster culture, money politics !!

Wow ! What a litany?  

But I have a question. Err . . .so does this mean that Rafizi still supports Brader Anwar? You know, despite the “gangsterism, scoundrels and opportunists, gangster culture, money politics” that has crept in? 

Brader Rafizi, do not be naieve. Do you think Azmin crawled up all by himself? You must be joking. The Brader allowed him to crawl up.

Do you think that you, Rafizi Ramli crept up in the party all by yourself? Be serious ok. The Brader elevated you – so that you could help him cut the others down to size.

And now do you think these ‘gangsters’ crawled into the party all by themselves? They have been brought in to cut the others (including you) down to size.

This is the tried and tested method that has been repeated so many times before. 

Do you recall Abdul Rahman something? Tian Chua? 

Brader Rafizi, face the truth : your usefulness to the Brader has come to an end.  It is a one man show. And that ‘one man’ is not you.

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