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Al Qaeda Chief Ayman Al Zawahiri Dies In Afghanistan (of natural causes)

While we are waiting for the vote on the Budget today (Nov 26th 2020) in Parliament here is some news about irrelevant people that unfortunately may have some impact on the less relevant parts of the world. 

This news has been floating around for the past few days here and there. I dont know if the mainstream media has reported it. The Al Qaeda leader Ayman Al Zawahiri is believed to have died recently of natural causes, at the age of 69, in Afghanistan. 

Also about two weeks ago (November 13, 2020) the news leaked out that Al Qaeda’s second in command Abu Muhammad al-Masri was shot dead in Tehran on August 7.  He is said to have been shot by Israeli assassins riding a motorbike. (The same style of assassination that took place here in Ampang, Kuala Lumpur when that Hamas rocket engineer was shot and killed by two guys riding a motorbike.) 

  • He and his daughter were assassinated by Israeli agents 
  • exactly 22 years after bombing U.S. embassies in Kenya, Tanzania killing 224 
  • ordered attack in Mombasa in 2002 that killed 13 Kenyans, 3 Israelis 
  • Al Qaeda has not announced his killing 
  • Iran officials tried to cover up his death using an alias 

Well the Israelis never forget. They shot him on August 7th, 2020 exactly 22 years after the bombing of the US embassies in Nairobi and Tanzania. Surprisingly this Al Qaeda fellow had been living in Iran of all places for many years.

Ok so No. 1 and No. 2 in Al Qaeda are dead. What does this mean?  It means that there are TWO job openings in Al Qaeda. Those who are brain dead can qualify.  

It will mean there will be a serious power struggle, attention grabbing bombings by various factions to prove who is more worthy to succeed Zawahiri in Al Qaeda, break up into factions, etc etc. All the useless rubbish associated with people who worship the devil. 

Al Qaeda have basically been wiped out everywhere except in ‘shit hole’ countries which have no law and order. So there is Al Qaeda in Somalia, Libya, Afghanistan (with an offshoot in India), Syria and possibly still in Mindanao and South Thailand. 

Here is something from The Soufan Center:

  • al-Qaeda veteran Saif al-Adel, living in Iran, leading candidate to take over
  • calls from within Al Qaeda’s mid-level for next emir to be based in Syria
  • al-Qaeda in Syria at center of action for past decade
  • al-Qaeda senior leadership continues to hide out in South Asia
  • some question wisdom of appointing leader based in Iran 
  • vulnerable to being killed
  • could open the group to accusations of being Iranian stooge

  • al-Qaeda center of gravity could shift to Levant, Sahel, Arab Peninsula
  • rise of Islamic State, al-Qaeda no longer invincible 
  • Al Qaeda cadres at grass-roots outside of South Asia
  • al-Qaeda’s affiliates more hands-on role
  • core leadership based in South Asia become less relevant
  • active conflict zones in Syria, Yemen, Somalia
  • al-Qaeda fighters in these countries gained critical battlefield experience
  • to vie for more prominent role in Al Qaeda  

This is the dying chapter of al Qaeda.  But since 2001 (for 19 years) they have created so much havoc around the world. There is no denying that they have inspired other terrorists like the ISIS. Because of them airports and flying in airplanes has become such a chore. 

But al Qaeda is just a symptom. The real cause behind the al Qaeda, the ISIS, the Muslim Brotherhood or Ikhwan Muslimin, the psycho jihadists etc still walk the earth. That would be the  mad mullahs. 

Just like how some people are carriers of the corona virus the mad mullahs are carriers of the viruses that breed these al Qaedas, ISIS, Ikhwan Muslimin and other nut jobs. The viruses are their belief systems – which have nothing to do with the Quran. That is the problem. We have not eradicated the mullah virus.

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