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A Quiet Announcement By China

China is like a huge jigsaw puzzle that is falling into place. There are so many things going on in China and each one of them is a Guinness Book of Records type of world beater. 

All the activity in China will not just make China at par with the world but put the country and the Chinese people at the forefront of human civilisation – again.

And the Chinese have figured out how to do things at top speed and still stay firmly on track. Today I want to share some technology and military news about China. 

1. Comac 919  passenger jet 

This year 2020 marks the final flight certification for the brand new Chinese airliner the C919. 

The Comac C919 is a narrow-body twinjet airliner developed by Chinese aerospace manufacturer Comac. I have been keeping track of the development of this plane since it was announced in 2008.  Three years later in 2011 the first prototype was begun and made ready by November 2015. The maiden flight was in May 2017. The C919’s first commercial deliveries are expected now. The C919’s certification includes landing and takeoff at almost all commercial airports in China.

It is quite an achievement that a country with little presence in the commercial jet aviation industry could go from idea to commercial delivery of a world class jet plane in only 12 years.  

2.  FOUR aircraft carriers in SIX years

In 2012 China commissioned its first aircraft carrier the Liaoning. This carrier was bought from Russia much earlier. Three years later in 2015 construction began on China’s first indigenous carrier the Shandong which was launched in 2017. This means China was able to build an aircraft carrier in just over two years.  

Now China has completed construction of its THIRD aircraft carrier and has commenced work on its FOURTH aircraft carrier. China can build and launch three aircraft carriers in about SIX years.  The Chinese aim to have at least SIX aircraft carriers in total over the next few years.

In comparison the USA takes about 12 – 15 years to launch an aircraft carrier. The UK took almost 10 years to commission their Queen Elizabeth. The Chinese have also made major advances in aircraft carrier engineering with the introduction of electro-magnetic catapults instead of steam catapults to launch the aircraft – a first in the world. With magnetic catapults the launch frequency is almost continuous.  

3.  China’s THIRD moon landing

Yesterday China made its THIRD moon landing. 

China’s first lunar landing took place just SEVEN years ago in 2013. Then last year in January 2019 China’s Chang’e-4 probe touched down on the far side of the moon, another world first because no other nation had made a landing on the far side of the moon.  

The techies say one of the reasons why China was able to land on the far side of the moon was because of 5G / 6G communications technology which no one else has in the world.

4.  Aircraft-carrier-killer missile strike.

In August 2020, TWO of China’s Dong Feng aircraft-carrier-killer missiles were successfully fired against a moving ship from thousands of kilometers away. Here is another quick You Tube video.

After these two successful missiles hits, the US Navy may have pulled back its THREE carriers in the South China Sea to the other side of Japan.

5.  The Sky Thunder stand-off weapons dispenser and loiter munitions.

Standoff weapons include missiles and bombs that can be released by a jet plane a distance away from the target. This provides less risk for the jet plane and the pilot. The Indian Airforce used SPICE glide bombs (an Israeli standoff weapon) in their famous air strike against terrorist camps in Pakistan earlier this year. 

Loiter munitions are “powered” munitions  that can ‘hang around’ in the air longer after they have been released from a plane. They are also called drone weapons.

The Chinese have gone another step ahead. The Chinese have developed a weapons dispenser or weapons canister that can carry up to 240 bomblets which can be released first. Meaning the entire weapons dispenser can fly hundreds of kilometers on its own after release from the plane. (Glide yes or maybe “powered” – the Chinese are not saying).  Then once the weapons dispenser reaches the target it will release the munitions which can also fly for some distances on their own.  By this time the jet plane and its pilot have safely moved on to another target or turned back. 

The munitions themselves could be bomblets or loiter munitions which can take out different targets spread out over an area.  What this means is that one pilot and one jet plane becomes a huge force multiplier. 

6.  China’s Quiet Announcement 

Recently (in November 2020) China made known a low key but  hugely significant announcement.

“Recent key conclave of the ruling Communist Party of China (CPC) has finalised plans to build a fully modern military on par with the US by 2027.

By the year 2027, which marks the centennial of the founding of the People’s Liberation Army (PLA), China will build a fully modern military, a goal that is in alignment with the national strength and will fulfil the future national defence need, state-run Global Times quoted Chinese analysts as saying early this month.”

So the Chinese yardstick (for now) is that in SEVEN more years China will be at par with the US military.  

I think the Chinese have already surpassed the US military in some areas of technological development. The Chinese already have functioning electro-magnetic rail guns whereas the US Navy is still struggling with the development. 

Considering that the Chinese have been able to develop so much technology and they are able to deliver in such double quick time it is most likely that in just SEVEN more years the Chinese would have surpassed the US military.

There is only one problem. The last war fought by the Chinese was their disastrous border fight with Vietnam in 1979 – 41 years ago.  Since then the Chinese Army has been largely marching around the parade ground and engaging in military exercises.  I hope they remain that way because the firepower at their disposal is really frightening.

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