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A New Dawn For Malaysia? Can Bersatu, UMNO, DAP Join Up? I Really Hope So.

Because it will create a gargantuan tectonic change not only in Malaysian politics but in the development of our  society.  The temperature throughout Malaysia will become cooler than Cameron Highlands in December.

Early this morning I received this picture from a friend. First of all to Mr Lim Kit Siang (Uncle Lim) may I apologise if you feel offended. To me this picture is not offensive (I could not read the Chinese characters so I blacked it out). . It implies that people are already beginning to consider the possibility. Even that is good enough. That the DAP, UMNO, BN etc can cooperate. If you can cooperate please do. The country needs a serious reset and this could be the needed reset.

Ok here is some info about what happened in Perak.  Bersatu people say that the takedown of the Menteri Besar in Perak was a surgical strike  that was already agreed upon by all parties.  It was not a wild horse coup de etat.  The highest levels of the parties had agreed on it. (Obviously they were getting tired of the guy. The issue of selling land was mentioned and also that Kuala Kangsar was not happy either. Ahmad Maslan the UMNO Sec-Gen also released a statement that they do not want to change the entire State government but only the MB.) 

Anyway this means  the support of the 16 DAP representatives (ADUNs) in Perak to oust the MB was also planned.  It was not a spur of the moment thing. So DAP and UMNO were working together in Perak.

Then this morning this ‘never happened before’  news from Johor is also very interesting.  

  • Hasni Mohamad said Harapan leaders were ‘strategic partners for Johor’
  • KL Dec 6 — Johor MB called PH “strategic partner” in state assembly 
  • announced RM50,000 funding for all assembymen, including Opposition
  • genial gesture an attempt to win support from his rivals 
  • Hasni tripled allocation for all assemblymen from RM50,000 to RM150,000
  • additional RM50,000 Covid allocation, total RM200,000

  • We do not consider Harapan outsider to Johor govt” he was quoted 
  • “Harapan leaders are strategic partners in Johor,” MB added
  • “As strategic partner, we value their views even though different ideology.”
  • Hasni claimed allocation was to “give legitimacy” to opposition
  • and a sign that they could work together despite their differences
  • we want to give legitimacy to the opposition ..he was quoted
  • equal allocation, Hasni suggested, was to uplift democracy
  • DAP’s Skudai assemblyman Tan Hong Pin welcomed Hasni’s gesture 
  • The role of Opposition representatives should be recognised. 
  • The Johor MB has begun that progress which is good and should be supported
  • “Let us lay the foundations of democracy to strengthen the state Tan tweeted

I dont think Bersatu is going to try and “take over” Johor in retaliation for anything. 

It looks like UMNO and the DAP are working together not only in Perak but in Johor as well.  This is indeed a new development.

Politics has changed for ever in Malaysia. And I hope the change is for the better. Politics has become fractured. No single party will be able to garner any massive number of seats in Parliament (and even in the State assemblies). 

The fact is the old style politics of trying to get votes by pointing out differences only gets some votes. It does not secure huge majorities anymore. This applies to ALL the political parties. 

So why not get the peoples’ votes by working together instead of working against each other ? The most critical thing is THE PEOPLE COME FIRST. JUST WORK TO MAKE THE PEOPLES’ LIVES EASIER. WHAT IS SO DIFFICULT ABOUT THAT?

So fellow Malaysians – start pushing for this. At the end of the day – as long as we have democracy – the will of the people will determine our future. 

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