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A Message From American Catholic Priests (Priests For Life)

Don’t be fooled: The Election isn’t over!

November 10, 2020

Friend of Life,

Despite what the fake news media would have you believe, Joe Biden is NOT President-elect Biden.

Ballots are still being received and counted, many of these in states where the margin between President Trump and Biden is razor thin.

  • States have yet to certify any election result … deadlines vary between now and Dec. 8 – a full month from now.
  • In addition, the Electoral College doesn’t certify its vote until December 14 … over a month from now!
  • And Congress doesn’t officially announce the Electoral College vote until January 6 … almost two months from now!

So again, the election is far from over … especially when you consider the rampant voter fraud is being investigated and revealed.   

Knowing this, Priests for Life is out there every day reminding the millions of people who follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, our own EndAbortion.TV internet channel and subscribers to Priests for Life on Amazon and ROKU TV channels that the election isn’t over.

We’re rallying pro-life warriors to storm heaven with their prayers and fasting.  We’re urging pro-life activists to hold firm and carry on with the fight.  We’re energizing the clergy to remind their flocks that the fight goes on and to not lose hope.

On January 5 voters in the state of Georgia will go to the polls to elect their two U.S. Senators.

The outcome of these two runoff elections will determine control of the Senate. As I write this to you now, the Republican have 50 Senate seats at best. We need Georgia to give them a majority!

This will be key to thwarting the radical Left agenda of the Democrats. The Senate would be able to stop every Democrat-inspired bill.

If we lose these two Senate battles, pro-abortion fanatics will control both houses of Congress.  If that happens these anti-life zealots will launch a massive nationwide persecution against the unborn – as well as on those of us in the pro-life movement. 

Sincerely yours in the name of Christ.

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