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In the name of protecting the public at large or for whatever reasons, I have to strongly disagree.
Blocking the blog after it has notched nearly 30 million page views does not only seem like an afterthought, it smells like a cheap aftershave too.
If the blogger has indeed violated the laws of this land, have the cojones to go charge him in court and face the wrath of the Rakyat :-! Former Attorney-General Gani Patail did (and look how popular he is today with the anti-Najib crowd).
Gani didn’t just charge Syed Akbar, he also took RPK to court (and perhaps a few other bloggers I don’t remember or know of in those heady Mahathir vs Abdullah days)!

p.s. I’m assuming that this is the evil work of our authorities. I stand corrected – there have been cases of perasan (full of oneself) bloggers who’d shout government clampdown when it was just a malware attack.

* From MCMC’s official site:


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