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What is CCGen?

CCGen is a Credit Card Generator tool that allows you to create random cards through BINs and in different formats.


  • Free to use is one of the best Free CC Gen on the internet which allows you to generate as much cards as you want for absolutely nothing.
  • Easy to use

       Our Credit Card Generator is very easy and simple to use. All you need is to add your bin choose the options according to your requirements and you are good to go.

  • Pre Available BINs

       Not having a BIN? Don't worry we have few BINs already added to our BIN entering bar simply click on it and you will have drop down menu from which you may choose any bin.

  • Different Formats

        Namso CCGen allows you to get cards in different formats i.e. Checker, CSV, JSON, XML.

  • Custom Expiry Date

         In our credit card generator you can create any custom expiry date according to your requirements.

  • Other Features

       We will be soon adding a CC Checker, Free Netflix, Spotify etc Accounts and BINs section to